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Your guide to this review is Lisa Fitzgerald
best handheld vacuums - top products
The best handheld vacuums available – we were lucky enough to be able to test them all! Some are great all-rounders, some specialize in car cleaning or pet hair removal, corded or cordless, there is something to meet your needs. If you have any questions then please contact us directly via email, or in the comment section below, to ask our team’s advice.


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Moving into a new home or apartment usually requires buying the major appliances you’ll need for daily life and maintenance. And a powerful vacuum cleaner is certainly one of the tools you’ll want to have in your home on day one.

A smaller, handheld vacuum doesn’t immediately make it onto most peoples’ list, though. You’re more likely to realize that you need a smaller unit only when you’re wrestling with your shiny new, monstrous Dyson or Hoover, simply trying to clean some spilled cereal or tracked-in dirt.


Please find our detailed analysis, buying guide and test results of all the best handheld vacuums after the summary table.

Also, don’t forget to check out our list of models to avoid – in the section called “Products the Groom+Style Team Did Not Fancy!”

  • Long Nozzle with Crevice Tool
  • Versatile & Easy to Clean
  • Powerful & Long Run Time
  • Peak power: 16V, 15 Air Watts, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 15 minutes/3-4 hours
  • Flexible & Long Nozzle
  • Versatile & Easy to Clean
  • Powerful & Long Run Time
  • Peak power: 20V, 25 Air Watts, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 15 minutes/four hours
  • Premium Design & Price
  • Extremely Powerful & Long Run Time
  • High Quality & Washable Filter
  • Peak power: 100 Air Watts on Max, 28 Air Watts on standard, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 20 minutes/3½ hours
  • Perfect for Pet Hair
  • Corded & Powerful
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Peak power: 12V
  • Battery: None – corded model with 16’ cord
  • Run/charge time: N/A


The Utility of Handheld Vacuums

Handheld models are naturally invaluable for small, everyday cleaning jobs, but the versatility of the best handheld vacuums also allows you to easily take care of many medium-sized tasks both in the home and out of the home such as the car. And if you haven’t used a portable vacuum in recent years, you’d be surprised at how advanced the technology has become.

Sure, you can still buy tiny vacuums similar to the Dust Busters that first came out 40 years ago. But there are also models with amazing suction that can rival many upright or canister models, along with flexible hoses and helpful attachments which can get into spaces like car seats, window sills and tight corners that bigger vacuums can’t handle.

The Groom+Style team has rigorously reviewed all of the handheld models on the market and determined the five best currently available. We’ll get to our honor roll after some quick tips on making your decision.


Get the Right Handheld Vacuum for the Jobs You’ll Be Doing

The first choice you’ll face is whether to buy a corded or cordless model.

If you plan on using the unit mostly in one area like a workspace or kitchen, a corded vacuum will provide continuous cleaning power without the need to stop and recharge the battery periodically. You’ll want a long power cord, though, so you’re not constantly moving from outlet to outlet.

Cordless handhelds are extremely convenient when you plan to take them around the house, into the garage and outside to clean out the car. Be aware, though, that most will only run for ten or twenty minutes per charge.

When choosing a cordless handheld vacuum, pay close attention not only to the amount of running time you get with one charge but how long each recharge will take. A lithium-ion battery will last longer and charge faster, but it may also make the vacuum more expensive than one with a NiCad battery.

Also consider the weight of your cordless handheld, since carrying a heavy model from place to place can quickly become a chore.


Handheld Vacuums and Suction Power – Cordless vs. Corded 

Comparing the suction power of handheld vacuums can be confusing, especially corded vs. cordless models.

The best measure of suction is either airflow in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or air watts, but many manufacturers don’t offer either of those specifications. Even worse, some describe their suction in amps, volts or watts. Don’t panic, though. There’s a reason that different specs are used, and there’s a way to compare them.

Corded -> Here’s why there’s a discrepancy when CFM or air watts aren’t listed. In that case, the suction of a corded vacuum is usually rated in amps (and sometimes in watts, a common way of avoiding amps if the number is low).

Cordless -> On the other hand, cordless vacuums’ suction is measured in volts.

You can convert one to the other with formulas like amps x 120 = watts.

However, conversion is not an exact way to compare suction. It ignores factors like the efficiency of the motor and the vacuum. It doesn’t draw the important distinction between watts (which doesn’t tell you much about suction) and air watts (which does). Also, a manufacturer’s specification for amps may describe either the current used by the motor or by the entire vacuum. Simply using a conversion formula will usually give you a meaningless comparison.

Here’s a better way to do it, if you’re juggling different units of measurements. Look to see where each model falls on a scale of “low” to “high.”

– You can expect the suction rating of corded handheld vacuums to range between 2-10 amps. The average (and minimum acceptable) rating is between 4-6 amps, with 6-8 amps considered powerful suction.

– For cordless vacs you’ll see suction ratings between 12-22 volts. The average is between 14-18 volts, with 15 volts the minimum you should accept and 18-20 considered powerful.

So if you are looking at a corded machine that’s rated at 4 amps, it’s on the low end of the corded scale.

A cordless model rated at 18 volts, though, is on the high end of the cordless scale. That tells you that the cordless unit has a lot more suction power than the corded one.

If possible, however, forget amps and volts and look at air watts or CFM. That’s a truly valuable comparison.


Additional Factors to Consider

The power of the unit isn’t the only important factor to consider. The size of the dirt container is equally important because smaller handheld models (most of which have bagless collection cups) must be emptied and cleaned more frequently than standard vacuums.

Another key factor: the accessories that come with the product. Crevice tools and upholstery brushes are common and important, but you may want specialized extras like motorized brushes for carpets or pet-hair attachments which are an enormous help if Fluffy sheds a lot.

Extendable hoses are also great for reaching tight spots or high areas. And you can find wet/dry handheld models if they fit your needs.

Finally, consider the filter. Some vacuums require replacements that are much more expensive than others, and you might want to invest in a model that has a HEPA filter which can remove allergens and dust mites as you vacuum.

Here’s our best handheld vacuum top 8 list. Let’s clean up.


1. Black & Decker CHV1410L Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review

best handheld vacuum - Black & Decker CHV1410L Vacuum
Black & Decker CHV1410L Handheld Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

When you’ve been in business for as many years as Black+Decker, your engineers are always searching for ways to improve on prior models. They did their job well when designing the CHV1410L.

It features a slim, rotating nozzle with a built-in crevice tool for tight spaces, which provides 50 percent more reach than any of the company’s previous handhelds. Combined with the “cyclonic action” that Black+Decker is known for, this new model is Groom+Style’s new favorite and #1 on our list of the best handheld vacuums – its long crevice tool and powerful suction means it excels as the best car vacuum cleaner and around the home.

Black & Decker CHV1410L - best handheld vacuum
A brilliant all-rounder for the home or car – lightweight, powerful and reasonably priced.

If you’re not familiar with B+D’s cyclonic action, it basically spins collected dirt and dust away from the filter and into the collection bin. Here’s why that’s a big deal: keeping the filter clean is not only a time-saver, but it lets the vacuum maintain powerful suction even as it fills with dirt.

Black & Decker CHV1410L filter - best handheld vacuum
The 2 stage filter setup on the CHV1410L.

Speaking of dust collection, another feature the review team really likes is the translucent, bagless bin that lets you see when it’s time to empty the bowl, a one-minute task. The washable filters (including pre-filter) are equally as convenient because you don’t have to buy replacements regularly.

Black & Decker CHV1410L crevice tool and brush - best handheld vacuum
The on-board extendable crevice tool.

The CHV1410L has power to spare, able to pick up everything from fine dirt to cat litter with ease. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to use and runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which will give you 15-20 minutes of runtime on a charge. It’s also equipped with smart-charge technology, which turns the vacuum off after it’s charged; it can hold that charge for as long as 18 months so that it’s always ready when you need it.

Black+Decker’s CHV1410 model is exactly what every home and car needs for quick clean-ups or spills that get into cracks and crevices. It’s a terrific dust buster.

Facts and figures for the Black+Decker CHV1410L Cordless Handheld Vacuum:

  • Peak power: 16V, 15 Air Watts, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 15 minutes/3-4 hours
  • Filter: Two-stage, washable.  Replace after about 9 months with VF110 (link below).
  • Dust capacity: 20 ounces
  • Accessories: Crevice tool and brush, both on-board
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Noise: 85dB
  • Warranty: Two years, limited and 30-day money back guarantee

Check BLACK & DECKER CHV1410L Price on Amazon

Check BLACK & DECKER 20 Volt Price on Amazon (more powerful option)

Check CHV1410L Replacement Filter VF110 Price on Amazon


2. Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Handheld Vacuum

Best handheld Vacuum - Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum
Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Yes, here’s another B+D model, but what can we say? They make great cordless vacs, and this one is their best option at a higher price level.

This one is about as far from the old-school Dust Buster as you can get. It’s a pretty compact cordless unit and is shaped more like a canister vacuum – you have the option of using one hand or extending the hose and using two hands.

However, at 20 volts it’s a lot more powerful, it’s extremely flexible and it comes with a terrific assortment of accessories. Even better, it’s a lot lighter than our Groom+Style reviewers feared at first glance – and much less expensive than the relatively-comparable Dyson model we’ll get to shortly.  Once again all these features means this vacuum cleaner is perfect for use in the car and around the house!

Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX - best handheld vacuum
A complete cleaning solution for the car and home (with or without pets). More versatile and powerful than the CHV1410L but you will pay a bit more for the privilege.

The review team liked the BDH2020FLFH most because of its versatility. This handheld comes with a four-foot long flexible hose, a nozzle and brush tool, a crevice tool, a pet hair brush and a pivoting floor head for an attachable stick. The combination allows you to easily clean high, clean low, clean corners, clean Fluffy’s hair and even use the stick to mimic a more traditional vacuum.

This isn’t the most powerful handheld on the market, but at 20 volts it’s in the upper echelon, with the cyclonic dust collection mechanism preventing dirt from accumulating on the filter too quickly, plus a three-stage filter.

Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX nozzel - best handheld vacuum
Curled up or extended the hose provides an amazing amount of flexibility in the car or home.

You’ll get about 15 minutes of vacuuming time with this Black+Decker model, and a charge of the lithium-ion battery takes about four hours, well within the parameters of the best handheld vacuums on our list. It’s rather noisy, and definitely louder than your upright vacuum, but not objectionable for short vacuuming tasks.

Note: there are many variations of this model with different suction power, attachments and of course price – we have linked to a variety of these below (in order from most featured and powerful).

The BDH2020FLFH will suck up almost anything you need it to (and is great for pet hair), and it’s a terrific value that will extract dirt from even the tightest spaces.

Looking deeper at the Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum:

  • Peak power: 20V, 25 Air Watts, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 15 minutes/four hours
  • Filter: Three-stage washable.  Replace after about 9 months with PVF110 (link below).
  • Dust capacity: 20 ounces
  • Accessories: Flexible hose, nozzle and brush tool, crevice tool, pet hair brush, stick with pivoting floor head
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Noise: 95dB
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Price on Amazon – 20 Volt, Pet and Stick Floor attachment

Check BDH2020FL Price on Amazon – 20 Volt, Pet attachment without Stick

Check BDH1620FLFH – 16 Volt, Pet and Stick Floor attachment 

Check BDH1200FVAV – 12 Volt, Powered by Cigarette Socket for Car

Check Replacement Filter Price on Amazon


3. Dyson Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Best handheld vacuum - Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Please note that there are multiple versions of the Dyson vacuum available, such as the V7, V8, V10, V11… the newer models effectively get a bit more suction and battery life (maybe a few specialized attachments), and they also get more expensive.  

Check Dyson V7 Trigger Price on Amazon

You don’t need Groom+Style experts to tell you that the Dyson option is the most expensive on our list. You also don’t need us to tell you that it’s top-of-the-line and worth every penny if you are going to give your handheld vacuum a real workout.

The 100-watt V6/V7 Trigger is powered by a Dyson digital motor which provides great suction; what makes this model unique, though, is that it uses the company’s famous two-tier cyclone collection system with a total of 15 cyclones arranged for increased airflow – the key to effective dust collection.

Dyson V6 Trigger - best handheld vacuum
Groom+Style are suckers for Dyson’s design and power – if you are willing to pay the price these handheld vacuums will not let you down in the car or home (with or without pets).

This handheld normally runs for about 20 minutes on a charge (and takes 3½ hours to recharge) but has a “max power” mode for tougher jobs that gives you six minutes of maximum power for tough jobs.

The V6 looks more like a Star Trek weapon (or a stylish hand drill with a small gumball machine in the middle) than a vacuum. You hold it in one hand to operate the trigger, which only activates the lithium-ion battery when you actually need it and is great for saving battery power.

Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner Remover on the Dyson V6
Check out this cool Vacuum Cleaner attachment that you can buy separately for any vacuum. More details in the “Dust Daddy” section below.

The oddly-shaped tool at the end of the handheld unit functions as both a regular head and a nozzle that can fit into tight squeezes. (A similar model, the Dyson V6/V7 Car and Boat comes with extra attachments and an upholstery tool.)

It may sound unwieldy, but this handheld is ergonomically designed and comfortable to use. The hygienic dust bin is easy to empty, too.

The Dyson Trigger is a premium product and priced accordingly. It could be more handheld vacuum than you need, but as with all of their products, Dyson doesn’t disappoint.

Details for the Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Peak power: 100 Air Watts on Max, 28 Air Watts on standard, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 20 minutes/3½ hours
  • Filter: Washable, lifetime
  • Dust capacity: 20 ounces
  • Accessories: Brush, pointed collector. The V7 comes with a handy mini motorized tool.
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Noise: 95dB on Max, 80dB on standard
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Price on Amazon

Check Dyson V7 Trigger Price on Amazon

Check Dyson V8 Animal Price on Amazon

Check Dyson V10 Animal Price on Amazon

Check Dyson V11 Torque Drive Price on Amazon


4. Black & Decker Platinum Handheld Pivot Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, AdvancedClean+, White (HHVK320J10)

* Please note the BDH2000PL has been updated to a more powerful model HHVK320J10.

Aaaand…’s another Black+Decker. This model can do just about everything the company’s more powerful vacuums can do, since it is also rated at 20 volts. The BDH2000PL is one of the best car vacuum cleaners or “hard-to-reach areas” cleaners for shelves or counters, thanks to a pivoting nozzle which can be rotated to a nearly unlimited number of positions. The pivot feature is relatively uncommon for hand vacs, but the review team found it to be very convenient and useful.

Many of this machine’s other features will sound familiar by now: great suction, cyclonic action to keep dust and dirt away from the filter, an onboard, extendable crevice tool and brush, a translucent, removable dirt container and washable filters.

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000PL - best handheld vacuum
Another incredibly powerful and versatile vacuum from Black & Decker – great around the home and car at a very easy to take price.

The BDH2000PL also has three-stage filtration, a full 35 air watts of suction (more than the company’s other models) and folds up smaller for storage than the other B+D handhelds. Be aware, though, that it weighs almost four pounds, and that its dustbin is smaller and it has a slightly shorter runtime per charge than the Black+Deckers we’ve mentioned previously.

Note: The Black & Decker PHV1810 Model is effectively the same but is rated at 18 volts and is available in a lower price bracket. 

The BDH2000PL is an extremely versatile hand vacuum, with plenty of power and a pivoting head that lets you reach dirt and dust just about wherever it’s hiding.

More details on the Black+Decker Platinum PHV1810/BDH2000PL Handheld Pivot Vacuum:

  • Peak power: 20V, 35 Air Watts, no loss of suction
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 10-15 minutes/3-4 hours
  • Filter: Three-stage, washable. Replace after about 9 months with PVF110 (link below).
  • Dust capacity: 15 ounces
  • Accessories: Crevice tool and brush, both on-board
  • Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Noise: 95dB
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check B & D Handheld Pivot Vacuum Price On Amazon

Check B & D Handheld Pivot PHV1810 Vacuum Price on Amazon

Check Replacement Filter Price on Amazon


5. Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum, 71B

Best handheld Vacuum - Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum 71B
Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum 71B. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

The Groom+Style review team finds corded handheld vacuums to be something of a pain to use because we keep getting the cord tangled. Maybe we’re just not coordinated enough.

But many people prefer a corded model for use in their kitchen or workshop, and this unit from Eureka does the job extremely well, at a very low price compared to the cordless models we’ve discussed so far on our list of the top 8 best handheld vacuums.

A pair of motors (one for suction and one for the attached revolving brush) totaling 5.5 amps provide the power for the 71B, and it sucks up dirt almost as well as the Black & Decker and Dyson – including stubborn pet hair.

It has amazing reach as well, thanks to the 20-foot (7 meters) power cord and the long stretchy hose that’s much like the hose on an upright model.

Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum 71B - best handheld vacuum
Not for everyone, but this corded vacuum is incredibly powerful, and the powered brush will pick up dirt and fluff like nothing else – a brilliant option for that difficult to clean workshop or garage.

The motorized brush we mentioned works equally well on carpets and bare floors (but needs frequent cleaning), and it has an on-off switch so you maintain control over the way the EasyClean picks up dirt.

Perhaps the coolest feature, though, is the “Riser Visor” nozzle cover that is normally in the down position for flat areas but flips up for easy cleaning of vertical surfaces like stair risers. There’s also an onboard crevice tool for nooks and crannies, an easy to empty dust cup and a washable, not-too-expensive-to-replace filter.

Eureka’s 71B is a little heavier than most cordless models and isn’t for everyone. But it’s powerful, inexpensive and can do almost anything the pricier handheld vacuums on our list can do.

More info on the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B:

  • Battery: AC, 20-foot (7 metre) cord
  • Run/charge time: N/A
  • Filter: Cup-style, Washable. Replace after about 9 months with Eureka DCF-11 & DCF-27 Allergen Filter (link below).
  • Dust capacity: about 15 ounces
  • Accessories: Onboard Crevice tool, flexible hose attached and motorized brush
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Noise: 85dB
  • Warranty: One year, limited

Check Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Check Eureka Replacement Filter Price on Amazon


6. Dirt Devil BD30025B Quick Flip Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Dirt Devil Plus 16V Quick Flip Pro Cordless 16 Volt Lithium Ion Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Red BD30025B

“Quick Flip” sounded intriguing to the Groom+Style team. As it turns out, the phrase simply describes this handheld vacuum’s onboard crevice tool, which flips down for usage and flips back up when not needed. What’s more intriguing about this Dirt Devil is the extremely reasonable price. Is it good value? That depends on what you’ll be vacuuming.

The Quick Flip is a 16 volt unit, and is pretty good for the price bracket, although not as powerful as the top models in our rankings; that means it’s fine for easy cleanups on carpet or wood floors, stairs (thanks to the quick-flip tool), pet hair (thanks to the powered upholstery tool), but for more challenging jobs like vacuuming out cars, it isn’t the answer for perfectionists.

Dirt Devil BD30025B Quick Flip - best handheld vacuum
A very reasonably priced vacuum with enough power to tackle most jobs around the home and car – the motorised brush attachment is great for pet hair.

The BD30025B is also best used for small tasks, because you’ll only get about ten minutes worth of vacuuming on each battery charge that takes 4-6 hours. And since there’s no cyclonic action inside, the vac can clog more easily than Black+Deckers.

You may be thinking that we didn’t like this Dirt Devil, but we actually did. It is ergonomically designed and weighs just a shade over two pounds, so it’s a pleasure to use. The filter is washable and should last for at least six months of regular use before it has to be replaced.

A great powered upholstery and stairs tool comes with the vacuum, the dirt cup is transparent so you can see when it needs to be emptied, and it’s quieter than many competitors. It provides a good value for smaller jobs.

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip isn’t a heavy-duty handheld vacuum, but it’s not priced like one either. It will clean up most in-home messes and spills quickly, without breaking the bank.

Looking deeper at the Dirt Devil BD30025B Quick Flip Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum:

  • Peak power: 16V
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 10-12 minutes/4 hours
  • Filter: Washable. Replace after about 6 months with F-101.
  • Dust capacity: 17 ounces
  • Accessories: Crevice tool (on-board) and upholstery/stairs tool and pet hair
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Noise: 80dB
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check Dirt Devil BD30025B Quick Flip Price on Amazon


7. Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

The Bissell 33A1 isn’t terrific for regular household messes, but it stands out when used in a home with pet hair problems. The reason is the unit’s design; it has a flexible rubber contour nozzle that the company says “attracts” hair, although what it really does is “rake” carpets and upholstery to dig out stubborn pet hair and suck it into the vacuum.

The concept is perfect, because you’ll find this inexpensive vacuum can deal with pet hair just as well as most high-priced uprights or canisters marketed as pet hair solutions. It’s pretty good for other vacuuming jobs on rugs and carpets as well.

Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser - best handheld vacuum
If you are struggling to keep up with your furry friends hair and food spillages this might be your answer – a great corded option at a great price.

However, the Groom+Style team can’t recommend this Bissell as an “everyday” handheld vacuum, because it doesn’t perform very well on wood floors or when used to pick up grains of dirt or sand. In fact, its cyclonic blowers release air from the sides of the unit, so you may find it actually blowing dirt around on slippery floors instead of vacuuming it up.

There’s a hard nozzle that can be swapped out for the rubber one, and it isn’t bad for cleaning up spilled food or kitty litter. Our recommendation, though, is to pay attention to the name of the Pet Hair Eraser and use it for its designed purpose. If this does not sound like what you are after, but you like the Bissell brand, then check out the 1985 model which we look at next on our list.

The Bissell 33A1 isn’t a rechargeable model, so you’re tethered to the wall when you use it. It’s fairly heavy for a handheld model. It isn’t the right choice for an all-purpose hand vac. But for pet hair, it’s terrific.

More info on the Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded:

  • Peak power: 12V
  • Battery: None – corded model with 16’ cord
  • Run/charge time: N/A
  • Filter: Washable. Replace after about 6 months with OEM 203-7416. (link below)
  • Dust capacity: 23.5 ounces
  • Accessories: Rubber contour and hard nozzles
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Noise: 90dB
  • Warranty: One year, limited

Check Bissell 33A1Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Price on Amazon

Check Pet Hair Eraser Filter Price on Amazon


8. Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Best handheld vacuum - Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum
Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

This is an extremely good cordless handheld vacuum. Unfortunately, it’s priced somewhere between the Black & Decker and Dyson, so it falls lower in our rankings because we’re not sure the price is completely justified.

However, the Groom+Style team agrees that we’d all be happy to have the Bissell 1985 in our home.

Powered by a fade-free (meaning it doesn’t slowly lose power as you use it) 22-volt lithium-ion battery, this unit has terrific suction that compares well to the top vacuums on our list.

What our reviewers really liked was the well-designed crevice tool, dusting brush and powered brush roller that make it easy to clean just about anywhere and pick up just about anything including pet hair.

What they didn’t like as much was the relatively-short extension hose which requires you to bend over to use the Bissell for most applications, and the fact that it’s heavier than most competitors. The short recharging time is another big plus.

The 1985 Multi Cordless may be somewhat overpriced, but it’s a great cordless handheld model that is definitely worth your consideration, particularly if you can find it on sale.

Looking closer at the Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum:

  • Peak power: 22V
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 15 minutes/1 hour
  • Filter: Washable, replaceable
  • Dust capacity: 0.1 gallons
  • Accessories: Crevice tool, dusting brush
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum Price on Amazon


Products the Groom+Style Team Did Not Really Fancy!

Welikera 12V Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum, WELIKERA 12V 100W Hand-held Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful Portable Pet Hair Vacuum, Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum for Home and Car Cleaning, with A Carrying Bag, Black

This is certainly not a horrible product, however, based on some reviews you expect to be blown away – unfortunately, the 12 volts of suction is just not strong enough for that to happen. If you are just looking for a product to pick up surface level dust on stairs or crumbs in the kitchen then this product will certainly do the trick, but for car crevices, stubborn dirt and pet hair focus on the other models higher up on the list.

There are a few things to like about the Welikera hand vacuum – and its stainless steel HEPA filter tops the list. Most filters are made from fiberglass and have to be replaced regularly, but the stainless steel filter in this hand vac can be washed and reused 500 times, and will last twenty times longer than normal fiberglass ones.

Welikera 12V Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Lots of attachments (the hose is very handy) we just wish it had a bit more oomph!

It has an LED on the front to illuminate the area you’re cleaning, is lightweight and comes with a soft extension pipe, a crevice tool and brush which are pretty handy.

If you have allergies, don’t like changing filters, and don’t want a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner then you will not be disappointed – however, for the money we believe there are better models available.

Specs for the Welikera 12V Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Peak power: 12V (/not enough)
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 15-20 minutes/4-5 hours
  • Filter: Stainless steel HEPA, washable
  • Dust capacity: 16 ounces
  • Accessories: Soft extension wand, crevice tool, brush, carrying bag
  • Weight: 2.75 pounds
  • Noise: 80dB
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check Welikera 12V Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Price on Amazon


HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum

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Once again based on the reviews you would expect this product to be life-changing, unfortunately, we were left underwhelmed mainly due to the vacuums weak suction.

It is a wet/dry vacuum, sort of, but you need to accurately assess whether the amount of liquid is less than 100ml otherwise you run the risk of the excess flowing into the motor housing and breaking the machine.  Honestly, it is just easier to reach for a towel instead.

The filter on the HoLife is washable, the vacuum runs for 20-30 minutes on a 4-5 hour charge, and it comes with a crevice tool, brush and liquid nozzle attachment.

HoLife Handheld Cordless Vacuum
If you can get it for a bargain price then it might be worthwhile otherwise you can find better value higher in the list.

The 3HLHM036BWUS is a newly-upgraded model from the older HoLife LSHLHM036BUS. The review team was unable to find anything that distinguishes the two models, other than HoLife’s claim that the newer version is a little quieter – so we’d suggest looking at the cheaper model while it’s still available.

HoLife’s handheld cordless vacuums aren’t as good as the models we’ve listed at or near the top of our rankings, but they’ll still pick up light dirt and dust if that is your only real expectation.

Summarizing the HoLife 3HLHM036BWUS Handheld Cordless Vacuum:

  • Peak power: 14.8V (/apparently?)
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 20-30 minutes/4-5 hours
  • Filter: One stage
  • Dust capacity: 20 ounces (and 3 ounces of liquid in wet mode)
  • Accessories: Crevice tool, brush and liquid nozzle
  • Weight: 3.25 pounds
  • Noise: 85dB
  • Warranty: One year

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DirtTamer Supreme V2400 Cordless Wet/Dry Hand Vac

Best handheld vacuum - DirtTamer Supreme V2400 Cordless Wet:Dry Hand Vac
DirtTamer Supreme V2400 Cordless Wet: Dry Hand Vac. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Underpowered in our view at 12 volts, and the battery is lead-acid instead of lithium-ion.

The three-stage HEPA filter does a good job of removing contaminants as it cleans up.

It did suck up liquids but the liquid sort of leaked out – a nice idea but using a cloth or towel is more effective.

The accessories are great: a long extendable wand, an upholstery brush and a squeegee for wet use.

The DirtTamer Supreme’s charging time is long and its runtime is short, and the lead-acid battery makes it quite heavy. There are better value, more powerful options available.

Looking closer at the DirtTamer Supreme V2400 Cordless Wet/Dry Hand Vac:

  • Peak power: 12V (/not enough)
  • Battery: Lead-acid, rechargeable
  • Run/charge time: 12 minutes/12 hours
  • Filter: One HEPA filter, one washable foam filter
  • Dust capacity: <0.1 gallons
  • Accessories: Upholstery brush, squeegee
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years, limited

Check DirtTamer Supreme V2400 Cordless Wet/Dry Hand Vac Price on Amazon


Dust Daddy or Dust Buddy Vacuum Attachment

If you ever find yourself not vacuuming an area because it is very cluttered or full of lots of small items, then this simple product is a must-have. For example, we have kids who have lego everywhere and like to do arts and crafts – with this handy device we can still vacuum their room, around the mess, without worry about having to sift through the filter for lost items.  We have found it works best with vacuums that have more powerful suction.

Note: this product will also work well with stick or upright vacuums.

Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner Remover
The Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner attachment.

Check Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner attachment Price on Amazon


That is it for our updated best handheld vacuum list for [insert_php]echo date(‘M. Y’);[/insert_php] – if you are curious about our choices from previous years then continue reading.


Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Handheld Vacuum

best handheld vacuum - Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030
Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

The Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 is a compact, lightweight, cordless handheld vacuum that excels at cleaning up pet hair around all areas of the home. It features a Pet Upholstery Tool that offers a three blade design for pet hair pick-up. The Platinum LINX vacuum offers a Lithium-Ion interchangeable battery that provides fade free power, with a 25-degree pivot design nozzle for easy maneuverability. Hoover also boasts of its Deluxe Dusting Brush with dual rows of gentle bristles that quickly allow you to dust delicate surfaces.

Pro & Cons

Several customers praised the vacuum’s Lithium-ion battery, which is both powerful and long-lasting. In terms of pet hair, the unit’s power brush attachment was also a big selling point, as the attachment itself is motorized which works great on removing pet hair from furniture; this feature was pointed out by a lot of customers and appears to be the single biggest selling point. Several reviewers also remarked on the vacuum’s versatility, making it easy to get into tough-to-reach areas, and noting how well it works on stairs and in cars as well. Other pros of the Platinum LINX vacuum include it being very easy to empty and clean, its compact design, and that the battery is removable for when its time to charge.

There were some things that customers did not like about the Platinum LINX vacuum. The Platinum LINX is a bit pricey for a handheld vacuum. Some reviewers noted that the vacuum sometimes struggled on carpeting, and the crevice tool needs to be handled carefully.

Check Hoover Platinum LINX Price On Amazon


Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Handheld Vacuum

best handheld vacuum - Dirt Devil Scorpion
Dirt Devil Scorpion. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Replaced by the Dirt Devil BD30025B Quick Flip Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum.

The Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip is powered by a 7 amp motor that is able to pick up pebbles, sand, dirt, and other debris that many other vacuums leave behind. It comes with a quick flip crevice tool that cleans tight spaces between couch cushions and car seats. All dirt and debris that are suctioned by its flexible hose, dusting brush, or crevice tool is transported into a bag-less dirt disposal that is easy to remove, dump and use once more. The Quick Flip comes with a 16-foot power cord as well.

Pro & Cons

Several reviewers noted that what makes the suction successful and clean is that the vacuum is equipped with an F5 filter that can either be washed in the washer or sink. The Quick Flip comes with a sixteen-foot power cord for when you do not want to charge it, which was a big selling point for many customers. The power cord is easy to wrap around and use inside the home. The vacuum is powered by a motor that runs on seven amps and weighs only three pounds, so it’s easy to carry for a quick clean up, which is essential when shopping for a handheld vacuum

A few other users wrote that for its minuscule size, the Quick Flip can become quite noisy when it’s in use. Another customer noted that the accessory bag that comes with the vacuum is too small to hold it.

Check Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Price On Amazon


Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Review

best handheld vacuum - Dyson DC34 Vacuum Review
Dyson DC34 Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Replaced by the Dyson V6/V7 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

The Dyson DC34 has a powerful digital motor that is designed so that there is no suction loss anywhere in the vacuuming process. The motors, unlike other vacuums, do not rely on carbon brushes, so there are no carbon dust emissions. The DC34 is a lightweight vacuum that only weighs three pounds. For messes that are difficult to clean with an ordinary vacuum, the DC34 has a dual power mode between fifteen minutes (28 air watts) of high suction, or six minutes (65 air watts) of higher suction if needed.

Pro & Cons

Customers enjoyed many features of the DC34. The product comes with accessories for effective cleaning such as the combination brush, crevice tool, and wide debris nozzle that is able to remove dirt no matter the location. Reviewers were also impressed with the powerful 22.2-volt Lithium-ion battery that easily charges for reuse. The DC34 stands out from its competitors in that it does not require a bag as debris and dirt move into a bin – press the button to release the dirt, and simply reuse.

What did customers not like about the DC34? Well, to begin with, it is on the expensive side for a handheld vacuum. Other than price, a few reviewers noted that the DC34 cannot operate while being charged.

Check Dyson DC34 Hand-held Price On Amazon


Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2 Handheld Vacuum Review

best handheld vacuum - Dyson DC44 Vacuum
Dyson DC44 Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

The Dyson DC44 stands at twenty-eight inches and weighs only ten pounds. The product features a digital motor that is three times more powerful than conventional motors. The vacuum contains a nickel manganese cobalt battery that allows for a quick recharge, so it’s ready for use and operates long enough for the job’s completion. Dyson boasts of the DC44’s motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes, which work great on hard floors.

Pro & Cons

Customers raved about the carbon fiber brushes and brush cleaners, which are meant to enhance the cleaning process. The DC44’s “Root Cyclone” technology also drew praise, as it spins air at an incredibly high speed into a bin, as being a bag-less unit means having no loss of suction or mess. Other pros include a detachable long-reach wand that allows for cleaning those hard-to-reach places and a “boost mode” that gives an option either twenty minutes of constant suction or eight minutes of higher suction.

Reviewers generally noted two common complaints with the DC44. The first is that the dump cup is small and fills up quickly, requiring users to chronically empty and clean. The second is that for the price it’s one of the most expensive handheld vacuums on the market.

Check Dyson DC44 Animal Handheld Vacuum Price On Amazon


Black and Decker FHV1200 Handheld Vacuum Review

best handheld vacuum - Black and Decker FHV1200 Vacuum Review
Black and Decker FHV1200 Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Replaced by the Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Handheld Vacuum.

The FHV1200 comes with a four-foot flexible hose that can easily extend to reach those hard-to-reach places, whether on top of cabinets, under the couch cushions, or under a car mat. It features a three-stage filtration system with cyclonic action that spins dirt away and into an empty dirt canister. The cyclonic action also prevents dust and debris from escaping, so the only air exhaust is clean. Other equipment that comes with the product to assist cleaning is a long crevice tool, a brushing tool, and pet hair cleaning tool.

Pro & Cons

Some customers were impressed by the FHV1200’s high-performance motor, which produces a strong suction. Three words seemed to sum up how most felt about the FHV1200 — small, light, and powerful. Other reviewers loved that the filter is easily washable and dishwasher-safe. After you are done with the vacuum it can be stored in its handy storage caddy, along with its accessories, which several users found to be quite useful

There are, however, a few cons that a few other customers pointed out with the product. The first is that the brush wears out quickly. The second is that replacement filters are costly at $10. And the third is that it has a relatively long recharge time compared to its competitors.

Check Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Price On Amazon


Dirt Devil Accucharge Handheld Vacuum Review

best handheld vacuum - Dirt Devil Accucharge Vacuum
Dirt Devil Accucharge Vacuum. Click on the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

Replaced by the Dirt Devil BD30025B Quick Flip Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum.

The Dirt Devil Accucharge features an energy star qualified battery charger that results in a longer battery life, always an important factor in a handheld vacuum. The vacuum’s charger replenishes energy two times faster than its competitors, the reason being that it contains AccuCharge technology. The AccuCharge technology of the product uses seventy percent less energy, despite using fifteen volts of suction power to suck up dirt and debris.

Pro & Cons

Users noted that dirt and debris that is sucked through the mouth of the vacuum cyclones away from the F4 filter and into a transparent bag-less bin that dumps directly into the trash for easy and quick reuse. At three pounds, the vacuum is easy to carry from room to room while holding to complete cleaning jobs on stairs. The Dirt Devil comes with a quick flip crevice tool that reaches intricate spaces on both the floor and above-ground – air vents, baseboards, and small spaces.

Some customers felt that the wall mount could be improved on this unit — the wall mount stays put on the wall, but there is no click that proves that it is secure to the mount. Another drawback noted by reviewers is that the product is quite a bit noisy for such a small sized vacuum.

Check Dirt Devil Accucharge Price On Amazon


If all this seems a little too much like hard work then you might want to consider the best robot vacuum – as reviewed by Groom+Style.


  • Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Lisa spent her days writing for a local newspaper in the early parts of her career. That writing aptitude came in handy when G+S expanded from just fashion to home luxury. Lisa and her wife have too many dogs to count, and when she isn’t at work, Lisa continues her musical ambitions as she masters the piano and bass.

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Lauren Ligouri
Lauren Ligouri
2 years ago

Thank you for the excellent reviews! I’m looking for a handheld vacuum for quick, daily clean ups for my patio & small patch of artificial grass. I don’t like lugging out the blower/vacuum/mulcher. Do you think any of theses would work well outside for debris/leaves? Suggestions?

2 years ago
Reply to  Lauren Ligouri

Hi Lauren, Aaaah, the age old question, can I use my indoor vacuum outside… I took our Dyson and Black & Decker Flex (the flexible hose one, not the fixed end) outside to see how they would behave. After cleaning up a small section of artificial grass, on which I had dumped a whole lot of leaves, dried grass and small flowers, my learnings were the following: – the vacuums picked up most debris easily (dirt, small flowers etc) except for the leaves which I had to sometimes “feed” into the end. – the Dyson fixed and shorter hose/end was… Read more »

3 years ago

great article . lots of very helpful info. i am also happy with much of the questions and answers.
thanks for all your research. great site and i really like your logo. good luck!

3 years ago
Reply to  Alex

Thanks for the kind words Alex,
Kind Regards,
Lisa and the Groom+Style Team

Md. Ashifur Rahman
Md. Ashifur Rahman
3 years ago

You’ve covered almost all the popular handheld vacuum cleaners in depth and accurate!

Tony Mayer
Tony Mayer
3 years ago

I’m looking for the best option for a specific application – vacuuming air out of compression bags so I can make space in my car for my camping trip. Looking for a circular nozzle with as high suction as possible … from the article above it appears the #2 Black & Decker option is my best option on a budget and the Eureka is better if I want to spend a bit more. Would you agree with that assessment?

3 years ago
Reply to  Tony Mayer

Hi Tony, Thanks for the great question. Price wise I think, brand new on Amazon, the Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX and Eureka EasyClean Corded Handheld Vacuum, 71B see quite similar when I check – but this can certainly change depending on sales etc. From a performance perspective if you don’t mind the cord I think the Eureka EasyClean, with its mains power, would be better suited to handle the job of vacuuming the air out of compression bags. We have done this sort of task before using upright vacuums (upright corded vs. upright cordless vacuums) and the corded models,… Read more »

3 years ago

whoever took the time to research all this and compile everything thanks! this is the best

4 years ago

Many thanks — zoë

z werth
z werth
4 years ago

Hi — I am looking for a handheld vacuum to use pretty much exclusively for cleaning the interior of my car. Which of the above would you recommend ?

And would the fact that I live in an area with winter snow make a difference in terms of moisture on the the car’s floor carpeting?
— Thanks so much for the helpful information you provide.

4 years ago
Reply to  z werth

Hi Z Werth, If you were after a handheld vacuum only to use in the car then Black & Decker mades a version of our number 1 choice which is designed exclusively for that purpose. It has great reach (with the hose and the cord), a 12V cigarette lighter socket for the car, great suction and 3 attachments to get to all the hard to reach areas. You can read more by following this link to amazon -> I guess any level of moisture will make it slightly harder to pick up dirt, but as this Black & Decker… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi really really useful, I want a vacuum that I can preferably use whilst my kittens are around and not scare them half to death like my big dyson and Henry do – which of the handheld would you say is the quietest?

4 years ago
Reply to  Jasmin

Hi Jasmin, What a great question – cats (and pets in general) and young kids can certainly hate the sound of vacuum cleaners (as a total aside I have linked at the end to a brilliant “Dear Kitten” commercial where the kitten hides from the Vacuuuum, I think you will appreciate it!). We can probably only deal in ranges, and cannot guarantee that your kittens (not sure how sensitive they are etc.) will be okay with any specific vacuum, but hopefully we can point you in the right direction. So stepping back for a moment, sound levels are measured in… Read more »

Ruth P Potvin
Ruth P Potvin
4 years ago

I have arthritis in my hands so I need a cordless handheld vacuum that is lightweight with good suction. I also need it to pickup cat hair. Can you provide a recommendation?

4 years ago
Reply to  Ruth P Potvin

Hi Ruth, Thanks for the question. I think you have a few good options available (we’ll take you through 3 of them below) depending on your price sensitivity etc. Firstly, you could choose our top choice handheld vacuum on our top 5 list above, the Black & Decker BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Handheld Vacuum. The key reason I think this might work for you (other than the fact that it will work well on pet hair) is that you use this handheld vacuum by using 2 hands. This way you could roughly distribute the 3.2 pounds weight between your two… Read more »

amir najam
amir najam
4 years ago

I am big fan of your blog and I used to read your blog. First of all thank you so much for researching features of different product and sharing only useful information. I am confuse between BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L Cordless Dustbuster Hand Vac and Black & Decker PHV1810 Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac. I just want to know which is best for regular use?? I want to use it everyday. So please let me know which one should I buy.

4 years ago
Reply to  amir najam

Hi Amir,
Thanks for your kind words.
The GroomNStyle team would suggest that you go for the Black and Decker CHV1410L. The battery is long lasting, durable (with no performance loss) and quick to charge. It has great suction power and is very easy to clean/maintain. For everyday use the team feels that the CHV1410L has an edge on the PHV1810 (which might actually also be difficult to find at the moment).
Kind Regards,

4 years ago

Is Black and Decker FHV1200 Vacuum cleaner item easy to use? Some vacuum products look small but this maintain was so hard.

4 years ago
Reply to  jhony_isaacs

Hi Jhony,
Yes, the testers found the Black and Decker FHV1200 Vacuum cleaner very easy to use. It is lightweight, compact and the 4 foot hose provided amazing versatility.
As mentioned in the review the filter can be washed in the dishwasher which makes for easy maintenance.
Kind Regards,

Mahmud Hossain
Mahmud Hossain
5 years ago

You’re all info is definitely helpful. But i have allergy problem. So which one do you think the best that will be helpful for allergy or even for asthma …?
Do you think, its possible by handheld vacuum cleaner…?

Dora Mitchell
Dora Mitchell
5 years ago

Thank you for this article. Bit I have one question in my mind for a long time, Which is the best vacuum to use handle vacuums or stick of full vacuums? because I haven’t seen any comparison of this two type of vacuums, if you have any idea about it then please share.

5 years ago
Reply to  Dora Mitchell


I realise you havent mentioned the usage requirement of the vacuum. Stick Vacuums will always outperform the hand held ones due to sheer motor power manufacturers tend to fuse into them as there is no weight constraint on them unlike in hand-held motors.
Hand-held vacuums have come a long way since their foray into mainstream but will need some way to replace the traditional vacuums. For heavy duty home use, i suggest sticks and light weight frequent usage, stick to hand-helds!


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