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Shaving is a chore for most men, although there are certainly some who enjoy the opportunity to take a little time for themselves while making sure they’re groomed just the way they like – these men welcome the return of the straight razor.

For a select few, though, shaving is truly an art. That’s because they have mastered the time-honored use of the old-fashioned straight razor.

Folding straight razors were first sold in England in the late 17th century and were basically the only option for men until the 1900s. The development of more convenient (and to most, less dangerous) safety razors, and later electric razors, turned the straight razor from a ubiquitous fixture in all bathrooms into a seldom-used relic.

Except, that is, for those daring souls who still swear by the straight razor for reasons of nostalgia and tradition, because they feel more masculine shaving the old fashioned way – or, in the majority of cases, because they believe a straight blade gives the closest shave possible with the greatest degree of control.

A straight razor enthusiast is someone who enjoys the finer things in life and has the patience to savor experiences such a fine wine lovingly stored in a top of the range wine refrigerator. In fact, many manufacturers of safety and disposable razors have recently reported drops in sales, while those who sell straight razors say their sales are on the rise.


Straight Razor Shaving is Making a Comeback!

The straight razor, also called the barber razor, true razor – or for obvious reasons, the cutthroat razor – is making a comeback. Whether you’re one of those men thinking of giving it a try or a devotee of straight blades, the Groom+Style review team have investigated the options and put together our list of the top 5 best straight razors on the market.


Straight Razor Buying Considerations

best straight razor - beautiful straight razor

The Groom+Style team will be running down the features we believe are most important when choosing a straight razor, but the most important consideration has nothing to do with the blade you choose: your own patience and discipline.

Shaving with a straight razor isn’t for those who are always in a hurry or don’t want to spend time learning proper technique. Make sure you’re prepared to be slow and deliberate as you get used to and master a blade, before laying out the surprisingly big bucks that you’ll pay for the best straight razors.


How Much Will a Straight Razor Cost?

Big bucks? How much could a piece of steel attached to a handle cost, anyway? Well, a very good-quality straight razor will be in the hundred dollar range, and the very finest can run you over a thousand dollars. That’s because of the material they’re made from, and the exceptional craftsmanship and precision that goes into forging and honing them. Remember, though, that a straight razor is (theoretically, at least) a purchase that will last a lifetime.


How to Judge a High-Quality Straight Razor?

Judging a straight razor is even more complicated than learning to use it. For example, a blade can have a hard, medium or soft temper, which has a major bearing on how long it will keep its edge and how easy it will be to sharpen (hard temper is better for the former, soft for the latter).

The grind (the concave indentations on the blade) will also be important, because a full hollow makes the blade lighter and sharper but also more dangerous, while less of a hollow is a better choice for those newer to straight razors.

Each man’s needs and preferences will be different. Sticking with one of the major heritage manufacturers of straight razors (almost all of which are located in Germany or France) might be the best bet if you’re unsure about the ins and outs of knives and blades.


Straight Razor Width, Point, Balance and Material

There are two “blade questions” that don’t require much expertise. The first is the width (a wider blade is harder to manage but can hold more lather, a narrower blade can reach touch spots like under the nose or behind the ears) and the second is the blade’s point (a round point is simpler to manage, a square one is more precise but tougher to handle).

What’s easier to determine is whether a straight razor is well-balanced; that’s a key factor in how easy the blade is to use and how consistent a shave it will deliver. The handle must be comfortable and solid, ideally with scales that ensure a good grip.

The final thing to check is the blade’s material. Most inexpensive straight razors are made from stainless steel, which are said to cut better and last longer between sharpenings than old-school carbon-steel blades. However, landmark manufacturers still make their razors from carbon steel, because they have the experienced craftsmen able to create an extremely high-quality blade with it.

Let’s cut to the chase and get to our top 5 best straight razor reviews.


1. Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle

dovo straight razor carbon ebony handle

Dovo Straight Razor Carbon with ebony handle. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Groom+Style mentioned landmark manufacturers of straight razors and the best of the best have historically been located in Solingen, Germany. Dovo has been setting the standard for Solingen straight razors for more than a century and this model is a wonderful example.

There are actually several terrific Dovo razors in the same general price range; the review team chose this one because it has a half-hollow blade and because we like the ebony handle more than the plastic one used on the company’s slightly less expensive full-hollow models.

Although it’s a half-hollow straight razor, this Dovo is still light and sharp but not as lethal a weapon in the hand of a novice user. What makes it really stand out is that it’s crafted from very high-quality carbon steel, which makes the blade hard, durable and elastic. The downside is that it will require sharpening more often – but for many devotees of straight razors, that’s half the fun.

The blade is 5/8” wide and has a rounded point, which might not satisfy an experienced user, but is definitely easier for new users and allows easy shaving of smaller areas of the face. The ebony-scaled handle is another plus since it’s both beautiful and provides a strong grip without slipping in the hand.

We should note that Dovo ships this straight razor “factory shave ready,” which is their normal approach and does not really mean “shave ready.” You’ll probably have to have it honed and/or strop it a bit before your first use – but it’s definitely worth it.

This is one great shave at a very reasonable price.

Facts and figures on the Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle:

  • Material: Carbon steel blade, ebony handle
  • Blade: 5/8”, half-hollow, rounded point
  • Shipped: Factory shave ready

Check The Dovo Straight Razor Carbon Price on Amazon


2. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor, Black

While Germany is revered for its straight razor quality, not all terrific shaving products are German-manufactured. The Japanese-made Feather SS is on a par with the products from Solingen and it’s produced by another company, Jatai, that’s extremely well-respected in the industry.

You’ll obviously have to eventually change the replaceable blade on this razor (see link to the replacement blade option just below), but the body is made of stainless steel and the handle is manufactured from silicon resin; it could last a lifetime. You get a terrific, comfortable grip and the razor is heat-resistant up to 135°. In fact, its design makes shaving a pleasure rather than a challenge for those new to straight razors.

Now, for the blade itself. You’ll have to purchase a Feather blade separately, and there are several different options including 4/8” and 5/8” blades – the same ones used by barbers. They’re well-constructed, very sharp, and deliver an extremely close shave without requiring a lot of pressure, just what you want from a quality straight blade. When it comes time to remove the blade for cleaning or replacement, a one-touch spring-mounted system makes it simple.

This is a lightweight straight razor that’s very well-designed and the blades designed for use with it are quite sharp; if you’re not fixated on a German model, Groom+Style loves the Feather SS.

Looking deeper at the Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor:

  • Material: Stainless steel with silicon resin handle
  • Blade: Not included; Feather Professional Blades purchased separately
  • Shipped: Requires separate blade purchase

Check the Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor Price on Amazon

Replacement Blades for Feather Artist Price on Amazon


3. Thiers-Issard 6/8″ Straight Razor, Round Tip, Festooned

best straight razor - thiers issard straight razor round tip festooned

Thiers-Issard 6/8″ Straight Razor. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Germany isn’t the only nation known for its exquisite blades; France is also famed for producing outstanding handcrafted steel blades, and the name to know in French straight razors is Thiers-Issard.

This beauty will cost you more than double the price of the Dovo or Boker – but wow, what a shave.

The mirror-polished 6/8” blade is (obviously) slightly longer than the first two reviewed products in our list of the top 5 best straight razors, so it’s more efficient even if takes a little more experience (or care) when used.

The full-hollow blade is forged and ground in France from TI Carbonsong C135 steel, with a round nose making it slightly less intimidating despite its length and grind. You can see the quality just from looking at it – it’s a masterpiece.

The handle is a masterpiece as well, made with blonde horn scales, and the Thiers-Issard eagle logo is etched in black on the blade to complete the elegant and striking look of this straight razor.

The grip is firm, the razor is extremely well-balanced and the shave is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It will be a revelation. The razor, which still needs to be finished-honed once you’ve received it, comes with a premium calfskin travel pouch as well.

If the Thiers-Issard is that good, why isn’t it ranked at #1? Quite simply because this isn’t a beginner’s straight razor, and because it carries a premium price. If you’re ready for a razor like this, consider it our top choice.

Digging deeper on the Thiers-Issard 6/8″ Straight Razor, Round Tip, Festooned:

  • Material: TI Carbonsong C135 steel blade, horn-scaled handle
  • Blade: 6/8”, full hollow, rounded point
  • Shipped: Pre-honed

Check The Thiers-Issard Straight Razor Price on Amazon


4. Black Widow Executive Brand Professional Straight Edge Razor

Barber Straight Razor, Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor - Barber Razor Compatible with Straight Razor Blade for Barber, Gold and Matte Black Straight Razor by Black Widow (1.5mm)

You can never go wrong by choosing a straight razor that’s preferred by barbers, and you’ll find Black Widow’s stylish black-and-gold design in countless barbershops across America. The company makes high-quality shaving products from premium materials, and this model is constructed from 100% rust-resistant stainless steel, double-coated with matte paint to prevent chipping.

One important fact to know, though: this razor does not ship with blades. It’s designed to work with any standard 1.5” barber half-blade (or double-edge blade snapped in half) of your choice. Why no built-in blades? Because modern barber shops change blades for every customer, in order to avoid contamination. It also saves the time and effort required for honing, stropping and sharpening. The blade is held in place with an armature swing lock, ensuring safety.

There’s heft to the Black Widow, which weighs in at 2.6 ounces. That weight not only feels good in the hand, but makes it easier to control the razor and prevents most of the vibration normally created by shaving. The ergonomic design, ridged shank and thumb notch on the shoulder also help with control, even if your hands are a bit wet. Most importantly, the razor’s weight is very well-balanced, making it easy to do crisp cuts and precise detail work; just don’t try to get too fancy with this tool unless you’re experienced enough to handle it.

The Black Widow is a nicely-priced professional straight razor, and it’s a dream to use if you’re accustomed to a straight edge and don’t mind changing blades regularly.

Specifications for the Black Widow Executive Brand Professional Straight Edge Razor:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Blade: Not included; accommodates most 1.5” half-blades
  • Shipped: Requires separate blade purchase

Check the Black Widow Executive Price on Amazon


5. A.P. Donovan 7/8” Straight Razor Set

best straight razor - A.P. Donovan - Excellent straight razor 7/8 " cut throat Razor Set

A.P. Donovan 7/8” Straight Razor Set. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Most straight razors come without any of the extras you need to actually shave. Those looking for a complete set, and who are confident enough to brave a 7/8 inch blade, should check out the A.P. Donovan offering.

This set comes complete with a badger hair, mahogany and stainless steel brush, a high-quality (but short) abrasive leather strop with a metal carabiner belt and abrasive paste, soap and a carved, decorative wooden box.

Oh yes, the razor. That’s great, too. The full-hollow 7/8 inch blade is made from Japanese carbon steel that’s as strong as the steel used on the Max Sprecher, and it’s balanced quite nicely by the mahogany handle (without scales).

The shave is comfortable and close, but don’t try this one as your first straight razor because of the size of the blade.

Priced higher than our top two choices because of the extras it’s packaged with, the A.P. Donovan isn’t quite up to par with the Dovo or Boker. It’s still a strong entrant, especially if you don’t want to have to run out to find everything else you’ll need to actually use it.

More info on the A.P. Donovan 7/8” Straight Razor Set:
• Material: Japanese carbon steel, mahogany handle
• Blade: 7/8”, full-hollow, rounded point
• Shipped: Pre-honed

Check the A.P. Donovan Price on Amazon


That is it for our updated list of the top 5 best straight razors for [insert_php]echo date(‘M. Y’);[/insert_php] – if you are curious about our choices from previous years then continue reading.


Dovo Forestal Straight Razor

best straight razor - DOVO Forestal 5_8 Cocobolo Straight Razor Set

Dovo Forestal Straight Razor. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

For traditionalists, it is all about quality and Dovo delivers it with this brilliant razor – big time! Dovo are renowned for their masterpieces but have exceeded their own expectations with the Forestal. Durability, performance, agility and cut throat sharpness have all been packed into this monster.

Its carbon steel body provides the much-needed quality and durability while the wooden handle ensures equal distribution of weight for a closer shave. Forestal shines in overall value as the razor is absolutely low maintenance due to its subtle metal combination. What’s impressive is that this design comes with a length of just around 5-8 inches making it compact to store in your cupboard without expensive kits.

On the aesthetics, the comfortable, strong and beautiful curvature of the wooden handle just blows your mind. During our trials, the team found this to be a sheer delight to test for numerous reasons, but quality, both in terms of performance and aesthetics makes Forestal probably the best mid-range straight razor money can buy at the moment.

Check The Dovo Forestal Price on Amazon


Straight American, Straight Razor from GB Buckingham and Sons

best straight razor - Straight American Straight Razor from GB Buckingham and Sons

Straight American, Straight Razor from GB Buckingham and Sons. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

There is no need for an introduction to GB Buckingham and Sons if you are a shaving enthusiast. Groom+Style couldn’t wait to test this razor as soon as it was announced.

Unlike other straight razors, it comes as a kit with all the essential accessories, including straight razor, leather, cloth strop, and many other luxuries. All accessories are carefully added to the kit to improve the user’s experience. The strop, though provided as an accessory, is of premium quality and does its sharpening without breaking a sweat.

The straight razor itself has steel that is hardened to HRC 61, which is quite staggering and is specially made in the United States. This provides the much-needed durability to the users within this market segment. As with other GB models, a lifetime warranty is provided as an assurance of its quality.

Groom+Style recommends this as probably the best razor available for all beginners who want to start their straight razor (or cut-throat razor, sorry we just love saying those words, cut-throat razor) journey or for those who are after a razor in the mid-priced range.

Check Straight American Price on Amazon – Available on US Amazon Only


Simba Tec Razolution Straight Razor

best straight razor - Simba Tec Razolution Straight Razor

Simba Tec Razolution Straight Razor. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

Razolution is manufactured by Simba Tec, one of the leading razor manufacturers in the world. It is claimed to be specially made to keep the edge for an extended period of time.

Its features are well balanced and provide a great alternative in the budget market. An easy to use blade along with no-nonsense performance put this in an all-time reliable razor pedestal. It is tailor-made for our modern plug-and-play world- no more huge learning curves! Its carbon steel razor blade adds to its overall performance and is the favorite of mere mortals like us who can’t afford premium brands. Oh! Did we mention that due to its portability, it is aptly suited for travelers too…(although be sure to pack it in your hold luggage, not in your hand luggage)?

Check Simba Tec Razolution Price on Amazon


Thiers-Issard 5/8″ straight razor

best straight razor - Thiers-Issard 5_8inch straight razor

Thiers-Issard 5/8″ straight razor. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

When people want to buy one of the best straight razors in the mid-priced range (typically slightly cheaper than the Straight American Razor) they will turn to Thiers-issard. It truly is a French marvel and renowned for quality. A fiercely backed razor by its well-known manufacturer, Thiers-Issard, punches above its weight.

The variant Groom+Style tried came equipped with Carbon song blade with special black etching. Its 5/8″ blade with round tip is sharp and doesn’t disappoint and we sometimes joked that this blade could outlive us. Easy maintenance and no learning curve makes this a very reliable product. Thiers-Issard comes with a premium calf skin pouch for storing the razor securely.

Check Thiers-Issard 5/8″ Price on Amazon


Boker King Cutter Straight Razor 140521

best straight razor - boker king cutter straight razor

Boker King Cutter Straight Razor 140521. Click on the photo to check the Price on Amazon.

* Unfortunately it looks like the Boker King Cutter might not be available, so please consider another product for now.

Dovo is one of the best-known razor and cutlery manufacturers in Solingen. Boker is the other, and its straight razors are of the same high quality.

The King Cutter, we should mention, might be marked “Boker USA” but that just means that the razor is assembled in America. The blades are still hand-ground in Solingen to the exquisite standards the company has been famous for.

The King Cutter has a 5/8” carbon-steel alloy blade, with the alloy actually an improvement on the traditional carbon steel because it lets the blade be ground to an even finer edge. The blade has a rounded point with a full-hollow grind, so it’s simpler for new straight razor users to maneuver but will be sharper than the half-hollow Dovo we’ve just looked at.

The bottom line is the shave, of course, and it’s an outstanding one, both in its closeness and its comfort.

The plastic-scaled handle is the only reason the King Cutter ranks second on our list. It’s not as solid as the handle on the Dovo and since it’s quite light, that creates a slight balance issue with the blade being heavier than the handle.

After using it a few times, though, you’ll get used to it and love the shave. This Boker straight razor supposedly comes “shave ready,” but it will still probably need some stropping before it’s ready for your face.

Priced similarly to the Dovo, it’s our second choice but might be many readers’ first choice.

Looking closer at the Boker King Cutter Straight Razor 140521:

  • Material: Carbon steel alloy blade, plastic handle
  • Blade: 5/8”, full hollow, rounded point
  • Shipped: Shave ready

Check the Boker King Cutter Price on Amazon


Bison + Max Sprecher Signature Straight Razor

best straight razor - Bison Max Sprecher StraightThis amazing shaver is hard to find at the moment.

You didn’t believe how expensive straight razors can get? Get a gander at this model made by renowned razor artisan Max Sprecher, which sells for nearly a thousand dollars.

The large 8/8 inch quarter-hollow ground blade is imposing in and of itself, forged from 01 carbon steel with a hardness that will likely allow this razor to last for the rest of your life.

The wedge is made from banded faux-ivory, the assembly is done with brass pins, and the handle has scales built from ultra-high density carbon fiber uni plate (which looks like wood grain); they should last just as long as the blade, and will make you smile every time you look at this beauty.

Bison says this signature razor was created to be a family heirloom, and it really should be. It comes with an included Horween Chromexcel leather case, by the way.

This is a heavier-than-usual straight razor, coming in at more than 2.5 ounces because of the length and heft of the blade, but it doesn’t feel heavy once you begin shaving with it. It’s extremely well-balanced and the feel of the blade on your skin is, quite simply, a pleasure. This is obviously not a razor for the faint-hearted or those new to straight razors, but it’s fabulous.

Is the shave from this Max Sprecher razor better than the Thiers-Issard we just reviewed? Yes, by a bit. Are most people ever going to pull out the credit card to experience it? Not likely. That’s why we rank it down here at #4.

Specifications for the Bison + Max Sprecher Signature Straight Razor:

  • Material: 01 carbon steel blade, carbon-fiber handle
  • Blade: 8/8”, quarter-hollow, rounded point
  • Shipped: Pre-honed

Check Bison + Max Sprecher Price on Amazon

Note: This razor comes in and out of availability on Amazon.  If it is not available and you want to buy it, try going straight to the manufacturer.


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