Top 5 Best Robot Vacuums Reviewed and Listed for Jan. 2017

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The Best Robot Vacuum Reviews for Jan. 2017

Robot vacuums are great for doing automatic cleanings for those times when you don’t feel like lugging out the old Dyson and doing a full manual cleaning. You can push a button, head out the door, and come home to a reasonably clean house. We’ve spent hours online, scouring reviews of the best models, playing with a few models around the office, comparing specs and charts to determine our favorites. What’s more, we’ve referred to industry standard cnet and consumer reports in equal measure so you get just the best!

Advantages of Using a Robot Vacuum

  • It’s faster. Let’s be honest: people are living incredibly busy lives these days, and whatever free time they may have, they don’t want to spend cleaning up around the house.  Doing a full cleaning with a traditional, upright vacuum can take up a lot of time, especially if you have a big home and a lot of ground to cover.  Robot vacuums work a lot faster simply because they don’t require any time on the user’s end, except for pushing the start button.
  • It’s easier.  Seriously: who actually enjoys the chore of vacuuming a home?  With a robot vacuum, you simply pick it up, flick on the on switch, place it on the ground and you’re basically done.  It’s the perfect vacuum for someone who hates to vacuum.
  • It’s lighter. While a upright or canister vacuum can weigh up to 20 pounds – making them painful to lug around with you while you clean – the best robot vacuums weighs only about 8 or 9 pounds, making it much more user-friendly and easier on your back. They’re not great car vacuums, but still.
  • It’s easier to store. Not only is a robot vacuum lighter, but they’re also a lot easier to store in the home. A bulky upright vacuum requires lots of closet space, whereas a top-rated robot vacuum can be placed in nearly any area of the home for easy storage.

iRobot Roomba 630 Review

iRobot Roomba 630 The Roomba 630 weighs in at eight pounds, running on a powerful motor of 1.4 amps that allows it to have an effective suction for clearing all kinds of dirt and debris. The vacuum uses an AeroVac three-stage cleaning system – brushing the wall to loosen dirt, counter-rotating brushes that dust the debris inside, and then transporting it into a large-chamber bin.

The product contains an acoustic sensor to detect dirt, so the three-stage cleaning system is possible. In order to work effectively, the vacuum includes a single virtual wall, so that the 630 knows how much floor to cover. Once finished, the vacuum’s bin is easily opened, so the collected dirt and debris can be discarded. When completed with its task, the 630 can be placed on a self-charging home base for later use.

The Roomba 630 is the best robot vacuum on the market, and is one of the cheapest models that we reviewed. It should be noted that the 630 is marketed by iRobot as being a “pet vacuum”, and based on customer reviews, it stood out as one of the best pet hair vacuums available as well. The only drawback with the 630 is that it can be a bit noisy when it’s in use.

What Others Are Saying: “Try the 630 out for at least a year and experience the change it brings with full automation before you go out and purchase a more advanced, superior and expensive robot for your domestic cleaning needs.” —

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iRobot Roomba 760 Review

iRobot Roomba 760 Review

In order for the product to run smoothly without future clogs, it boasts a dual HEPA air filter that helps traps dust, allergens, and tiny particles. Unlike the Roomba 630, this product has two virtual walls, so the product can clean more floor area than other vacuums. In order for this eyeless wonder to suction dirt and debris, it contains the Series II Acoustic & Optical dirt detection. Are you not in the mood to vacuum every day? No problem, as the product can be set to clean up to seven days week, so there’s no supervision required and floors are constantly cleaned.

One drawback of the 760 is that it cleans floors well, but doesn’t seem to know how to mount rugs. Instead of rolling over the rug, the vacuum will stop. The second con is that this product’s dirt cup is small and the sensors have to constantly be cleaned.

What Others Are Saying: “If you already keep a moderately clean house, then a Roomba may be a good choice. Even with its hefty $445 price tag, having the Roomba 760 around is ultimately more convenient.” — Make Use Of

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iRobot Roomba 770 Review

The iRobot Roomba 770 cleans dirt and debris from your home either manually or you can schedule it to do it on its own. The product uses an AeroVac (Series II) cleaning system that is broken down in three stages: first, by using a side brush to clean wall edges, then it brushes dirt and debris in the manner of a broom and a dustpan, and the final step is dirt and debris is transported to a large bin. The Roomba770 is a ten pound vacuum that uses Dual HEPA air filters so users have no concern of escaped dust, allergens, and tiny particles released in the air.

Unlike the Roomba 760, the Roomba 770 has a trash bin indicator that alerts when to be emptied. The product has two virtual walls so that it does not cross the barrier, avoiding excess operating time that runs down battery and preventing damage in case of hazard. As is the case with all of iRobot’s products, in order to ensure the product’s safety and intelligence, the Roomba 770 has iAdapt technology. The iAdapt technology is the system’s software that senses the environment of the operated room, so the product knows both how much and what to clean.

One drawback is that its energy output tends to decline quickly, taking many trips from its self-charging base to complete the work it was commanded to complete. Another con is that while the Roomba 770 can clean any floor, it fails when it comes to cleaning throw rugs, unable to decipher between rugs and floors, causing it to shut off.

What Others Are Saying: “If you’re going to go the automated cleaning route, you might as well get something that truly knows its way around dirt and your home. A standard vacuum will save you money, but not your precious time, and isn’t time money?” — PC Mag

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iRobot Roomba 780 Review

irobot 780 ReviewThe iRobot Roomba 780 features an AeroVac (Series II) cleaning system that operates in three stages that effectively cleans your home unsupervised. The three stages are that dirt and debris are loosened by an advanced brush, the loosened dirt and debris is then brushed into its dustbin, only to finally be collected and stored into a bin to be easily disposed. The thirteen pound product is powered by a motor that provides a mighty suction. The suction keeps its power by a HEPA filter that traps allergens, dust, and particles leaving behind fresher air. The Roomba 780 uses iAdapt system software to engage with the environment, so it can effectively clean rooms and apply deeper clean if needed.

The Roomba notifies its user that its trash bin is full, so that it may be disposed for further use. Unlike the other iRobot Roombas of the 700 series, this robotic vacuum contains an extra set of brushes that can be used on the machine to clean specific areas of the home that other vacuums cannot clean. Another feature that sets the Roomba 780 apart from previous models is that it has two virtual wall lighthouses. Virtual wall lighthouses differ from regular virtual walls in that the lighthouses open their ‘doors’ for the vacuum to return when either its battery is running out, or after all rooms have been completed (up to twenty-five rooms).

While the twelve pound saucer delivers when it comes to cleaning, there are cons with this product. Like the vacuums before it, it encounters problems with throw rugs – stopping when it arrives as it’s not sure what to do. The second con is that it’s incredibly expensive! The third con is that the suction can be so powerful that it can pull out many carpet fibers.

What Others Are Saying: “The reason is not that it eliminates vacuuming altogether, but it does the hardest parts of the work. There is something inordinately satisfying about coming home to a clean house.” — The Telegraph

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Neato XV-21 Review

Neato XV-21 ReviewThe Neato XV-21 is a high performance vacuum that removes any dirt and debris from all surfaces from hardwood, stone, to carpets. The product — reviewed nearly 1,000 times on Amazon — features a bristled brush that picks up tough pet hair, dander, and fibers that other robotic vacuums find difficult to do. Unlike other vacuums that nearly rupture the eardrums of its users, the XV-21 runs quietly, despite having super-high airflow and suction power. The XV-21 has RPS technology that uses lasers to map out the area it is designated to clean like furniture, stairs, and doorways – new items added to the room are immediately recognized by the vacuum to go around.

The RPS technology prevents the XV-21 from falling down stairs by creating boundary markers. All dirt and debris is suctioned off walls and corners, underneath furniture and off floors, so it can be contained in large bag-less dirt bin that is both easy to empty and clean. After the job is completed, the vacuum returns to its base to recharge. Unlike many vacuums, this product doesn’t encounter problems with throw rugs – an intelligent ability to decipher between carpet and rugs, so there is neither mess nor shutdown. All accessories, tasks, and advanced software inside such a small machine totals to around $330.

In the battle of Neato vs Roomba, it’s Roomba that comes out on top. Another downside to this sixteen pound machine is that it does not run any longer than an hour before it requires recharging. Still, if you are looking for an alternative to the Roomba brand, this automatic vacuum remains a great option.

What Others Are Saying: “The Neato XV-21 does an excellent job of picking up pet hair—but it’s no replacement for a traditional vacuum.” — PC Mag

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Do you have a pet then maybe you need The Best Vaccum For Pet Hair?  But just in case you are in the mood for more robot action, things just got a whole lot more exciting with the advent of robot lawn mowers.

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