Top 10 Best Handheld Vacuums Reviews for Jan. 2017

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The Best Handheld Vacuum Reviews for Jan. 2017

Handheld vacuums are very useful for quick clean-up jobs, getting into the hard-to-get-to parts of the home. They also make for great car vacuums. Some things to consider when purchasing a handheld vacuum are size and weight, run time, charging time, and accessory set.

Black & Decker CHV1410L Vacuum

Black & Decker CHV1410L Vacuum

The Black & Decker CHV1410L vacuum is designed with a rotating, slim nozzle that targets dirt in tight spaces. Black & Decker claims 50-percent more reach than the previous dustbuster designs, which makes for less bending and better accessibility.  The CHV1410L features its “smart charge” technology, which uses up to 50% less energy, to go with its Lithium-Ion battery. This handheld vacuum comes with brush and crevice tool accessories which are located on-board the unit so that there are no loose items to misplace.

Pro & Cons

GroomNStyle found that the battery performance of the Black & Decker CHV1410L was long-lasting and quick recharging, which is obviously a key requirement for any cordless, handheld vacuum. The unit is very powerful and has amazing suction. This vacuum features an extended piece on the end, which is great for getting to those hard-to-reach places around the home.  This bag less vacuum has a plastic filter and is incredibly easy to clean and empty. Other pros revolved around the accessions that come with this handheld, including the flip-up brush and rotating nozzle.  It is also incredible value for money.

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Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL Vacuum Review

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL

The Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL is a cordless, compact and lightweight handheld vacuum that features a four-foot flexible hose that easily reaches high places and tight spaces, which makes it especially useful on stairs and in your car. There is no battery memory on this unit, so the battery has a long life and can hold a charge for up to eighteen months. The battery charges only when necessary as it is Energy Star Smart Charge approved. The BDH2000FL has a high-performance motor which powers its strong, long lasting suction. This vacuum also comes with a pet hair cleaning tool designed to pick up those pesky pet hairs. Black & Decker also boasts of the three-stage filtration system which prevents dust and debris from escaping for clean air exhaust. It’s also good for hardwood floors.

Pro & Cons

The long run-time per charge (~18 minutes) is a big selling point for this vacuum as are the great attachments that come with the unit, in particular the crevice tool, pet hair tool, and flip-out brush. The flexible hose comes in handy when you’re trying to get into tight spaces, like in a car. The suction on this handheld device is exceptional. Other pros include its lightweight design, good quality plastics, and washable filter.

This vacuum is on the more expensive side for a handheld vacuum, which can be perceived as a con, though it does still deliver solid overall value.

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Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Review

Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030

The Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 is a compact, lightweight, cordless handheld vacuum that excels at cleaning up pet hair around all areas of the home. It features a Pet Upholstery Tool that offers a three blade design for pet hair pick-up. The Platinum LINX vacuum offers a Lithium-Ion interchangeable battery that provides fade free power, with a 25 degree pivot design nozzle for easy maneuverability. Hoover also boasts of its Deluxe Dusting Brush with dual rows of gentle bristles that quickly allow you to dust delicate surfaces.

Pro & Cons

Several customers praised the vacuum’s Lithium-ion battery, which is both powerful and long-lasting. In terms of pet hair, the unit’s power brush attachment was also a big selling point, as the attachment itself is motorized which works great on removing pet hair from furniture; this feature was pointed out by a lot of customers and appears to be the single biggest selling point. Several reviewers also remarked on the vacuum’s versatility, making it easy to get into tough-to-reach areas, and noting how well it works on stairs and in cars as well. Other pros of the Platinum LINX vacuum include it being very easy to empty and clean, its compact design, and that the battery is removable for when its time to charge .

There were some things that customers did not like about the Platinum LINX vacuum. The Platinum LINX is a bit pricey for a handheld vacuum. Some reviewers noted that the vacuum sometimes struggled on carpeting, and the crevice tool needs to be handled carefully.

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Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil Scorpion

The Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip is powered by a 7 amp motor that is able to pick up pebbles, sand, dirt, and other debris that many other vacuums leave behind. It comes with a quick flip crevice tool that cleans tight spaces between couch cushions and car seats. All dirt and debris that are suctioned by its flexible hose, dusting brush, or crevice tool is transported into a bag-less dirt disposal that is easy to remove, dump and use once more. The Quick Flip comes with a 16-foot power cord as well.

Pro & Cons

Several reviewers noted that what makes the suction successful and clean is that the vacuum is equipped with an F5 filter that can either be washed in the washer or sink. The Quick Flip comes with a sixteen foot power cord for when you do not want to charge it, which was a big selling point for many customers. The power cord is easy to wrap around and use inside the home. The vacuum is powered by a motor that runs on seven amps and weighs only three pounds, so it’s easy to carry for a quick clean up, which is essential when shopping for a handheld vacuum

A few other users wrote that for its minuscule size, the Quick Flip can become quite noisy when it’s in use. Another customer noted that the accessory bag that comes with the vacuum is too small to hold it.

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Dyson DC34 Vacuum Review

Dyson DC34 Vacuum Review

The Dyson DC34 has a powerful digital motor that is designed so that there is no suction loss anywhere in the vacuuming process. The motors, unlike other vacuums, do not rely on carbon brushes, so there are no carbon dust emissions. The DC34 is a light weight vacuum that only weighs three pounds. For messes that are difficult to clean with an ordinary vacuum, the DC34 has a dual power mode between fifteen minutes (28 air watts) of high suction, or six minutes (65 air watts) of higher suction if needed.

Pro & Cons

Customers enjoyed many features of the DC34. The product comes with accessories for effective cleaning such as the combination brush, crevice tool, and wide debris nozzle that is able to remove dirt no matter the location. Reviewers were also impressed with the powerful 22.2 volt Lithium-ion battery that easily charges for reuse. The DC34 stands out from its competitors in that it does not require a bag as debris and dirt moves into a bin – press the button to release the dirt, and simply reuse.

What did customers not like about the DC34? Well, to begin with, it is quite on the expensive side for a handheld vacuum, retailing for around $160. Other than price, a few reviewers noted that the DC34 cannot operate while being charged.

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Dyson DC44 Vacuum Review

Dyson DC44 Vacuum

The Dyson DC44 stands at twenty-eight inches and weighs only ten pounds. The product features a digital motor that is three times more powerful than conventional motors. The vacuum contains a nickel manganese cobalt battery that allows for quick recharge, so it’s ready for use and operates long enough for the job’s completion. Dyson boasts of the DC44’s motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes, which work great on hard floors.

Pro & Cons

Customers raved about the carbon fiber brushes and brush cleaners, which are meant to enhance the cleaning process. The DC44’s “Root Cyclone” technology also drew praise, as it spins air at an incredibly high speed into a bin, as being a bag-less unit means having no loss of suction or mess. Other pros include a detachable long-reach wand that allows for cleaning those hard-to-reach places, and a “boost mode” that gives an option either twenty minutes of constant suction or eight minutes of higher suction.

Reviewers generally noted two common complaints with the DC44. The first is that the dump cup is small and fills up quickly, requiring users to chronically empty and clean. The second is that at around $350 on Amazon, it’s one of the most expensive handheld vacuums on the market.

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Eureka EasyClean 71B Vacuum Review

Eureka EasyClean 71B Vacuum

The Eureka EasyClean 71B vacuum is powered by a strong 5.5 amp motor and includes a stretch hose that is good for cleaning cars, upholstery, and stairs. This vacuum actually has two motors — one that powers the revolving brush, and a second motor for suction. The 71B includes an onboard crevice tool, and the “Riser Visor” which comes in handy for carpeted stairs. Other features include a bagless filter and a clear dust cup that easily cleans. The unit weighs only five pounds, and comes with a 20-foot cord that wraps for easy storage.

Pro & Cons

Reviewers highlighted how big of a punch the Eureka EasyClean 71B packs at such a small size — the suction on this unit is impressive for a handheld vacuum. Several customers noted how efficient this vacuum performs on stairs, and at picking up those hard-to-target pet hairs. The “Riser Visor” is a unique feature that many customers appreciated as well. Of course, the lightweight design and small size of this vacuum is a huge selling points, as it is easy to carry around from room, and it can be stored almost anywhere.

A few customers noted that the Eureka EasyClean 71B vacuum can be a bit noisy when it is in use. Even at five pounds, some users thought this unit was a bit on the heavier side for a handheld unit.

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Black & Decker Platinum PHV1810

Black & Decker Platinum PHV1810

The Black & Decker Platinum PHV1810 is a cordless, handheld vacuum that has 18 volts of power and a high performance motor with cyclonic action. It includes an on-board brush and an extendable crevice tool, so that there are no loose accessories. Its innovative design allows it to fold in half for easy storage, and its easy maneuverability makes it a perfect car vacuum. Other features include a removable, washable dirt bowl and filters, and a LED charging indicator light.

Pro & Cons

Many  customers loved this unit’s nozzle, which has a wide range of motions and pivots for use at many different angles, which comes in handy when using it in your car as well. It’s also great for picking up dog hair, cat litter, and any crumbs that the kids may have left laying around. Several users noted that the design feature which allows the vacuum to fold in half came in handy quite a bit when it was time to store the unit. Other pros include that it’s pretty quiet for a handheld vacuum, it works very well on upholstery, and it’s extremely easy to clean.

Some noted that the filter is a little difficult to access, as you must remove the chute and canister to get to it. Others noted that the battery life could be longer.

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Black and Decker FHV1200 Vacuum Review

Black and Decker FHV1200 Vacuum Review

The FHV1200 comes with a four foot flexible hose that can easily extend to reach those hard-to-reach places, whether on top of cabinets, under the couch cushions, or under a car mat. It features a three stage filtration system with cyclonic action that spins dirt away and into an empty dirt canister. The cyclonic action also prevents dust and debris from escaping, so the only air exhaust is clean. Other equipment that comes with the product to assist cleaning is a long crevice tool, a brushing tool, and pet hair cleaning tool.

Pro & Cons

Some customers were impressed by the FHV1200’s high performance motor, which produces a strong suction. Three words seemed to sum up how most felt about the FHV1200 — small, light, and powerful. Other reviewers loved that the filter is easily washable and dishwasher-safe. After you are done with the vacuum it can be stored in a its handy storage caddy, along with its accessories, which several users found to be quite useful

There are, however, a few cons that a few other customers pointed out with product. The first is that the brush wears out quickly. The second is that replacement filters are costly at $10. And the third is that it has a relatively long recharge time compared to its competitors.

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Dirt Devil Accucharge Vacuum Review

Dirt Devil Accucharge Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Accucharge features an energy star qualified battery charger that results in a longer battery life, always an important factor in a handheld vacuum. The vacuum’s charger replenishes energy two times faster than its competitors, the reason being that it contains AccuCharge technology. The AccuCharge technology of the product uses seventy percent less energy, despite using fifteen volts of suction power to suck up dirt and debris.

Pro & Cons

Users noted that dirt and debris that is sucked through the mouth of the vacuum cyclones away from the F4 filter and into a transparent bag-less bin that dumps directly into the trash for easy and quick reuse. At three pounds, the vacuum is easy to carry from room to room while holding to complete cleaning jobs on stairs. The Dirt Devil comes with a quick flip crevice tool that reaches intricate spaces on both the floor and above-ground – air vents, baseboards, and small spaces.

Some customers felt that the wall mount could be improved on this unit — the wall mount stays put on the wall, but there is no click that proves that it is secure to the mount. Another drawback noted by reviewers is that the product is quite a bit noisy for such a small sized vacuum.

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