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Why Can’t I Grow A Beard?

Hair is among the many factors that people desire for themselves.

While too much of it turns out to be a nightmare, too little of it makes the body a barren land craving some growth.

While all these desires that shape our external appearance could be rooted in our insecurities shaped by societal prejudices, some could also want to enhance one’s appearance, justified so rightly.

Beard for men is an essential aspect in improving one’s external appearance. Some men are too fond of growing their beard and styling it now and then. But some struggle with developing it in the very first place.

Growing one’s beard is a tricky business for some people. Hair is an unpredictable phenomenon that may choose to grow fast or take ages to appear.

There are hardly any quick remedies for expecting a miracle, even though the market that sets various standards for beauty will also pop up innumerable hacks and tricks, most of which have their origin in the land of myths. Talking about myths, we often associate the lack of or excess facial hair with some underlying disease. 

For example, you might have heard the familiar tale of men having no beard as those with low testosterone levels. There are also a lot of hacks and theories around beard growth flooding the internet.

For example, shaving is said to promote the beard to grow back quickly. However, shaving cuts out the hair over the skin and does not affect the root hair. Thus, there is no scope for regeneration. There are also numerous beauty brands using the current obsession with beards to promote products like beard oils and serums.

Unfortunately, these are a part of the hoax culture, as a beard is a primarily genetic makeup. Therefore, no serum or oil is likely to assure miraculous growth!

Hair growth in humans is not a random phenomenon. It observes phases of growth, fall, and regeneration. The first phase, called the anagen phase, is marked by developing protein-rich- root hair in the bottom end of follicles (structures that hold hair).

It is then nourished by blood from the surrounding vessels, which further boosts its growth. In the catagen phase, the hair grows up and gets moisturized by the oil glands on the skin, and stops further growth. The last phase, or the telogen phase, sees the hair fallout.

Thus, a new cycle begins. This cycle is typical for hair, whether on your scalp or face. However, for facial hair, the process is quicker than for one of the scalp regions.

Reasons Why People Can’t Grow A Beard

With greater emphasis on science and rationality, let us now try to unravel some of the potential reasons behind weak beard growth and build up the beard growing potential.


gene and testosterone level

The way we look, our voice, our eye color, and the texture of our hair are primarily shaped by our genes. Similarly, beard growth could also be determined by our genetic programming.

Thus, if your forefathers have been men with big mustaches and long beards, you are likely in line to have a similar future with long thick beards. But, on the contrary, many people struggle to have quick beard growth. 

The onset of facial hair is regulated by testosterone. Puberty is a phase in life when one can expect testosterone in men to stimulate facial hair growth. However, the thickness and speed of hair growth are genetically guided.

Androgens are converted to another hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which promotes the growth of facial hair. How well the receptors embedded in our hair follicles react to these hormones determines the development, and this is primarily a play of our genes. 


While the onset of beard growth happens when one reaches puberty, the healthy development of a beard could vary from one to another.

Thus, what one might develop in their early twenties, others might grow in their thirties. 

Underlying Diseases or other conditions

reasons for beard growth problems

Many times, stunted growth of facial hair could be linked to certain conditions. For example, beard alopecia is an autoimmune disorder where your very own immune system goes against your body and attacks your hair follicles. 

Anemia could also be a possible condition that triggers hair loss or impairs hair growth as one of the symptoms. 

A thin beard could also be a reflection of vitamin or protein deficiency. Protein is a crucial nutrient required in building and rebuilding cells. Other nutrients that aid hair growth includes vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, and Iron. 

Skin conditions could also be an active agent, especially in aiding stunted beard growth. Hypothyroidism, for example, is linked to thinning of hair or slow growth. However, this condition is more prevalent among women. There could also be the possibility of a fungal infection that has inhibited beard growth.

Another possible condition could be a clinically diagnosed low level of testosterone. This condition, known as male hypogonadism, may also cause other symptoms like lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and a deep voice. 

Ways to Promote Beard Growth

how to help beard to grow?

The way forward to adapting the right strategy to address low beard growth is to know if the issue arises from genetic/ medical factors or is more of a lifestyle issue.

The internet is flooded with content that comes up with various hacks and exciting tips to promote hair growth. Unfortunately, while they could add a little humor to your day, most are not scientifically vetted. 

The easiest way is to seek consultation from a professional. They will run a few tests to see if it is a medical issue and suggest the required medicine and treatment. For example, in low testosterone levels, one could focus on exercising and getting enough rest apart from the prescribed medication. 

In case of nutritional deficiency, you might also be suggested to add a few supplements to your diet. For example, vitamin D is considered a crucial element to boost growth in your hair follicles. Thus, including eggs and fish will help aid the process. 

Rogaine is a widely popular remedy known for its availability and affordability. While it is a hair growth remedy that is more suitable for promoting hair growth on the scalp, it is also suggested in beard growth. However, the research regarding this is still ongoing and needs further clarification. 

Apart from the more specific treatment, adapting a general lifestyle goes a long way to accelerate your beard growing potential. Increasing the intake of a nutrient-rich diet and minimizing junk, leading a stress-free life, and getting enough sleep are vital factors in holistic development. 

Another crucial element that is often forgotten is skincare, especially to promote facial hair. Most of the time, we leave our skin uncared only to find it damaged. Our skin is a treasure with a lot to offer, provided we care for it in the right ways.

Regular exfoliation, moisturization, and UV protection will give healthy skin a higher probability of promoting a beard. 

Letting go of the hair

Letting go of the hair

Sure, each one of us might desire a quick-growing luscious beard that could be styled and tamed as per one’s will.

However, not many are destined to get the same. Hair is nothing but a cell and how it grows out; the frequency, length, and texture are genetically determined factors. Even if you opt for supplements or external products, it is in your genes if it is in your genes. 

There is hardly anything one can do about it. You could opt for a lifestyle change and take some organic supplements, but don’t expect a miracle and, more importantly, be patient.

You might hit your luck a few years down the line. But over some time, it is better to stop pursuing something and focus on the better and lead a healthy life!


Beard hair growth is something that is desirable but is also primarily guided by modern beauty standards.

You might be researching how to get a clean-shaved face a few decades down the road and stop excessive facial hair! Therefore, it is okay not to land up as a man with a thick and fast-growing beard.

As long as it does not hint at any serious medical condition, this is not something to frown upon. 

It is just one of the other characteristics that make you different. In the race to follow the norm, let us not forget our individuality. At the same time, the desire for a beard is justified if you feel it suits your anesthetics.

Each one strives to be a better version of ourselves. We strive to be fit, and we strive to get luscious hair, and having a beard could also be one of them.

However, a wise tip would be to not enroll yourself in the numerous hacks available on the net at your disposal but to address it professionally. 

You do not want to disappoint yourself further by adapting tricks that have little or no effect! All in all, seeking a professional consultation and adapting a proper self-care regime will enable one to obtain the desired results.

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