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Top Beard Care Products: Oils and Balms for a Healthy Beard

Finding the best beard supplement for your routine can be a highly subjective process. Each person has their own experience with beard growth, how products work with their facial chemistry, and what their routine and beard style requires.

Beard oil and beard balm are among the top beard care products that you should have in your grooming arsenal. Each can be incorporated into a daily grooming routine, perhaps after you do your regular trim. Beard oil nourishes your beard and keeps it healthy, while beard balm offers conditioning and nourishing benefits that make it a much more versatile tool for styling than pomades and simple waxes.


Beard Oil

Beard oil helps to prevent a dry or itchy beard, so you don’t have beardruff or flaky skin around your beard. It also makes your beard feel soft to the touch. Natural beard oils will contain essential oils, as well as carrier oils that provide therapeutic properties and give your beard hair nutrients to keep your hair healthy. The application is a simple process of applying a few drops into your beard and using a beard brush to distribute the oils.

Carrier oils make up the largest part of the beard oil formula, and they’re also responsible for giving your skin nutrients and general moisturizing benefits. This oil is the most important in the formula, so it’s worth it to be choosy in this case. Jojoba makes a great overall carrier oil that most skin types find mild and non-irritating, since it is the closest to the skin’s natural oil. Other carrier oils are Almond, Avocado, Macadamia Nut, Coconut, Sesame, Sunflower, Walnut, Peanut, Hazelnut and Kukui Oil. Different oils affect the consistency and overall feel of the formula.

Essential oils are primarily in charge of adding fragrance to the beard oil. However, they have other benefits as well. Essential oils often have antibacterial qualities, while also moisturizing, reducing flaky skin, and stimulating hair growth in some cases. The fragrances range from citrusy, bright and beachy scents to woodsy and earthy scents, depending on personal preference.


Use Your Own Moisturizer Instead of Beard Oil

You can use various wholesale oils for your beard oil rather than purchasing premade beard oil. This could be a good option for men who have sensitive skin or skin that’s prone to breakouts. In this case, you can try jojoba oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.

It’s also possible to make DIY beard oil from those same ingredients plus a little essential oil, for those who are interested in perfecting their ideal formula. Making your own also allows you to control the scent and consistency of the beard oil.


Buying Beard Oil

Reading beard oil reviews will tell you a lot about the various products on the market and what type of beard-wearer finds them to be the most useful. Jack Black Beard Oil, for example, emphasizes moisture and consistent hydration throughout the day for both the hair and skin. In fact, Jack Black Beard Oil reviews note that it’s formula makes beard-wearing a more comfortable experience, relieving and banishing dry skin and giving a fresh smell. This makes the premium price tag more than worth it for some.

Others are drawn to Every Man Jack, which is a more budget-friendly beard oil option that contains natural moisturizing oils and can refresh your beard without leaving behind residue. Mountaineer Beard Oils similarly excel at offering a soft and lush beard experience with a wide variety of scents for those who are looking to try out a few in order to find their signature scent.

Beard Oils are primarily used for moisturizing and keeping the existing beard healthy. However, there are some beard products that are able to perform double duty, including Maxx Beard, which contains vitamins, oils, and nutrients that help encourage beard growth . While this seems too good to be true for many, Maxx Beard reviews highlight this serum’s ability to create beard growth in trouble spots over a period of weeks. Leven Rose Beard Oil also falls into this category as a natural hair serum that works to add volume to your beard while making it moisturized and more comfortable to wear.


Beard Balm

Beard balm is a waxy conditioner and styling product, best for keeping beard strands from flying wild all over the place. Due to its conditioning properties, it can make your beard strands appear to be thicker and fuller, making it one of the best natural beard thickening products. Beard balm is made up of a combination of moisturizer, sealants, and essential oils for fragrance.

Although beard balm can be used alongside beard oil on the same day, some men prefer to forego the beard oil and only use beard balm for daily beard conditioning. Since oils offer no hold for styling, it’s better to use a beard balm to give it shape and direction. Beard balm also offers conditioning that lasts all day.


Buying Beard Balm

It’s important to look at the ingredients when buying your beard balm so you can understand what the balm offers your beard and make sure they are all good, quality components. A common moisturizing ingredient is shea butter which offers a number of nutritional benefits without feeling greasy. Coconut oil also offers powerful healing and moisturizing, but may be a little more buttery than some people prefer. Most beard balms can be sorted into two types, the conditioning type and the styling type.

When it comes to sealants for styling, beeswax is often marked up as the best since it’s all natural and unlikely to irritate the skin while providing a strong hold. Cheaper beard balms may contain synthetic sealant that could contain potentially harmful chemicals. One natural beard balm that provides excellent hold to keep your beard from going wildly all over the place is Smooth Viking Beard Balm, which can make a beard appear thicker, conditioned, and keep it held together all in one.

If you’re looking for a beard balm that provides a light hold, while promoting beard health and conditioning, Honest Amish Beard Balm reviews promote it as a great product for making the beard feel softer and restoring damaged hair. This is a great choice for someone who would prefer to use a one-product conditioner, forego the beard oil, and still get a little hold and styling out of their product. For those who want all these benefits, plus strong hold, they might try the Honest Amish Heavy-Duty Beard Balm.

No matter what the reviews say, buying beard oil and beard balm is a subjective experience. You may not like the scent of the highest rated beard balm you find, or you may find that it leaves your beard feeling greasy. You might find that some ingredients break you out while others relax your face and allow you to wear your beard most comfortably. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t like a beard product right away, and trust your instincts, there’s something out there that will help you give your beard a signature shape and glow.



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