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Three Things Every Clothing Addict Needs To Own

Whether you are a fashionista or you just like to look good, there are certain things you should have in your wardrobe that may not be clothing that can help you keep your clothing looking perfect. Event if your whole closet is full of black you will need a few accessories to keep everything looking ready for wear.

Without the proper items to keep your clothing in shape you will be stressed nearly every time you need to get dressed. From wrinkles, skirts bunched on the floor, and indents that poke up on your shoulders from improperly hung shirts, your clothing needs your special attention with the following items.

Good Iron And Ironing Board

Clothing wrinkles, some of it more than others. In order to make sure that those items that are not wash and wear are wearable and not looking like they were rolled up in the bottom of a box, you want to make sure you have a good iron and a good ironing board.

A good iron doesn’t need to be expensive, but you want something with a variety of heat settings. You also want it to have a steam setting so that you can more easily remove tough wrinkles. A great ironing board will be sturdy, help you get rid of wrinkles without causing a headache, and have a great area for storing your iron while you are moving your garment around.

Some Lint Rollers

If you are one of those people with a little black dress, or many black pieces, you are going to want a lint roller or two. This is especially important for pet owners. Lint rollers can be miracle workers, and they can be found in numerous sizes so you can take them with you in a purse or on a trip.

Lint rollers are a pretty cheap investment, but if you have pets or a dark colored wardrobe you may be spending a  good deal on new ones as those sticky sheets run out. You could invest in a reusable lint brush and save yourself some trouble, and some shopping.

The Right Hangers

Hopefully you’re not cramming all of your clothing into dresser drawers. There are items you own that would definitely be better off being hung, and you’d spend far less time ironing them this way as well. However, hanging garments means having the proper hangers.

Plastic hangers can leave indents in the shoulders of some shirts, especially t shirts, so padded hangers are a must for some of your clothing. You can buy pant hangers that will keep your creases in perfect form. You also need skirt hangers with clips on them that let you more easily hang skirts, and keep them from constantly falling on the floor.