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Straight Razor and Safety Razor

Straight Razor VS Safety Razor: Which One Is Better – Groom+Style Investigates?

If you’re wondering whether you should purchase a straight razor or a safety razor, then there are a couple things that you should know.

For years, people have been debating whether straight razors are better that safety razors – at the end of the day it will come down to personal preference.  However, being armed with some more knowledge about both types of shaving will help you make an informed choice about which is right for you.


Straight Razor

Straight razors are an old fashioned method of shaving and as the name suggest are built with a single blade. They deliver an exceptionally close shave and if cared for will last virtually forever.  They do not suffer from the problem of becoming clogged with hair like shavers with multiple blades.  Straight razors can deliver a very precise shave and are perfect for shaving mustaches, beards, and sideburns with accuracy.  One of the main downsides to straight razors is that you can easily get cut if you don’t know how to use it properly. If you have never used a straight razor, it is important to take the time to learn how to shave with a straight razor.

Straight razors shaving will appeal to those who see shaving as more of an art and lifestyle, and are not concerned about the extra time and energy it takes.  If you are interested in learning a new skill, and are happy to invest the time and money in all the equipment then take the plunge.  Being able to tell your friends that you shave with a straight razor will definitely gain you significance. They also make a perfect gift.


Safety Razor

Safety razors use a single double edged disposable blade, hidden behind a safety bar which acts as a guard, therefore allowing you to shave without the risk of cutting yourself.  Safety razors are a lot more convenient and eaiser to learn how to use than a straight razor.  You do not have to invest in a whole heap of paraphernalia like a strop and hone.  You will however have to replace the blades regularly and put up with the fact that the cut hairs will get stuck between the blades.  Straight razors are a lot more affordable compared to safety razors but still deliver an exceptionally close shave.

Safety Razors will appeal to those shavers who still want to own a beautiful “tool” for shaving but do not want to invest as much time or money in the process.  It is quite common for men to start shaving with using a beautifully crafted safety razors and then progress onto using straight razors as they mature.

Whatever, you choose; straight razor, safety razor or even an electric shaver enjoy the experience!

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Jacob Perkins
Jacob Perkins
4 years ago

Safety razors do not have 3 blades and a grill; that would be an example of a type of cartridge razor. Safety razors have a single, double edged (DE), disposable blade, and a safety bar with either an open or closed comb design. The open comb design is more aggressive, meaning it has greater blade exposure and is more likely to cut you or irritate your skin if not handled correctly, but will provide a closer shave. Open combs are more so intended for fuller beard groths as the combs guide the hair to the blades in concept. Safety razor… Read more »

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