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How To Shave Without Shaving Cream

How To Shave Without Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is not always necessary when shaving.

In fact, lots of men have gotten by for years without ever using shaving cream.

Alternatively, there are solutions such as hair conditioner, soap and plain water that can get the job done just as well.

Ultimately, though, the most important part of shaving is to always moisturize the skin immediately after shaving to prevent irritation as well as dry skin.

So shaving cream is not an essential item. However, that doesn’t mean that you should toss it in the bin. Shaving cream does serve a few purposes.

Ultimately, the purpose of shaving cream is to moisturize your face, lubricate the blade and soften your facial hairs as you shave.

They are, however, plenty of other items that can replace your shaving cream and here’s a list of them.

Tips For Shaving Without Shaving Cream

There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to shaving cream, and some of them do an even better job than shaving cream itself. 

So let’s take a look at some of these alternatives.

Baby Oil

Woman Shaving Legs With Baby Oil

If you have any type of baby oil available, it’s going to be a prime choice. Baby oil already lubricates quite well, so you don’t have to worry about getting the blades caught up in your hairs.

In fact, baby oil has been a popular choice for women who need to shave their legs in a hurry. It’s also clear so you can see where you need to shave.

However, we recommend that you don’t use more than a few drops, or you could get your blade clogged up fairly quickly.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is a great way to soften up the hairs on your beard; the same weight softens the hairs on your head.

You’ll want to take some extra care when lathering it on your skin, and you can start shaving almost right away.

Using a hair conditioner makes your shave nearly as smooth as proper shaving cream.

Bar Of Soap

If you’re running out of options, you can always use a bar of soap to shave. Although it’s not ideal, it will moisturize your face and give your blade some lubrication.

Be sure to remove stray hairs from the soap before applying it to your face.

Body Lotion

Pouring Baby Lotion On Hand

Body lotion lubricates the skin and provides a barrier to prevent any dry or bumpy skin on your face after your shave.

It is recommended that you use unscented lotion as you don’t need a flowery scent on your manly face. Then again, that also doesn’t pair well with your aftershave.

Peanut Butter

Because peanut butter is oily, it will moisturize and also lubricate your skin.

It’s probably not the best choice, but if you are trapped on a remote island or mountain cabin, and you need to shave, and the only item available is peanut butter, then you may as well use it.


The only time this would not be a good choice is if you work closely with a bear. Honey is a good source of lubrication and will moisturize your skin well.

In fact, lots of high-end spas use honey as part of their skin for a reason. However, it also works well as a natural moisturizer.

Olive Oil

Shaving With Olive Oil

If you’re looking to use a shaving cream alternative from the kitchen, then olive oil is what you should reach for first.

This is especially if you have an old bottle lying around, that’s no longer suitable for cooking.

Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer but use it sparingly as it can clog up the blade quickly if you don’t rinse it frequently.

Almond Paste

Use fresh almonds and grind them into a fine paste. Place the paste into a container and refrigerate it. Use it as a shaving cream as and when required.

The almond paste has the ability to soften your skin, making it shiny and also healing wounds that develop while shaving.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is not just an excellent moisturizer but reduces the shearing force between the blades and the skin.

Ultimately, this results in a closer, smoother and less painful shape. Also, you won’t need to apply any creams or lotions afterward because the butter nourishes the shaved area.

Aloe Vera

Shaving With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great shaving cream alternative because it’s used to soothe the pain of sunburn and therefore, can help to prevent and treat razor burn.

It has a consistency similar to that of common shaving gels and causes little mess and no damage to the blade.

In the unlikely event that you still end up with razor burn after shaving, the cooling effects of the aloe gel will keep your skin from itching and becoming inflamed.

You can use the aloe gel straight out of the plant or use a store-bought gel.


Irrespective of whether you’re looking for the perfect solution to avoid razor burn and irritation or need a gift for a loved one or friend, natural alternatives to shaving cream are available to save the day.

Some of these natural alternatives to shaving cream have lots of benefits as well as being good for sensitive skin, fighting razor burn and giving your skin a natural flow.

In addition to these advantages, these natural alternatives are also eco-friendly and less likely to cause adverse reactions or allergies.

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