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Sharply Groomed Large Men: The Definitive Guide

Carrying around weight can make anyone feel like they have fewer options fashion-wise. This can sometimes limit larger men’s willingness to get out and about, and engage in the kind of activities that make them feel healthy and happy. Not even other factors like a good cologne or what is usually a confident attitude can always make up all the difference.

When it comes to fashion, however, you have options, and the size of your frame doesn’t need to be the only impression you make.

You don’t need to be a fashion artist to disguise and flatter a large stomach or frame. Mostly, you just need to find clothes that fit you right.

Finding the ideal fashion and grooming rules for your frame first requires identifying your body type, where your body carries weight, and your ideal fit.


The Importance of Well-Fitting Clothes

When you have a larger body size, fit becomes more important than ever. Buying your clothes too big will add more size to your frame, making you appear bigger than you actually are.

At the same time, wearing clothes that are too small can make you look perpetually uncomfortable while accentuating your size.



Larger men frequently wear pants that are too large for them, in order to create a matching effect between their upper and lower halves.

Instead of matching these two sizes, it’s better to evaluate the sizing of each separately.

This will likely lead you to purchase smaller and more fitting pants, which will give you the overall appearance of a thinner form.

This doesn’t mean wriggling into skinny jeans. It means finding pants that fit you well, independently of your impression of your top half or mid-section fit.

For some men, these will be low-rise jeans that stop before the belly and minimize unflattering lines.  In this instance a good looking belt is critical.


Button Downs

To get the best look, you need to find button downs that actually fit. Often this means trying on each brand or type to make sure it works well, rather than trusting size.

Disregard the size label when trying things on, and instead find what feels comfortable and looks right.

For a good fit, you should be able to comfortably raise your arms. You also shouldn’t feel squeezed in it, and the buttons shouldn’t be pulling. A

t the same time, many men go larger than they need, which results in a shapeless appearance.

The shirt shoulders should line up with your own, and when untucked, the remaining fabric shouldn’t pouch out at the sides or fit you like a sack.

The ideal is a straight, loose line the rest of the way down. Men who find that they have shorter necks might consider looking at shorter neckbands, or having the neckband taken in to give the neck and chin more space.



T-shirts are the simplest fashion design, but even with this minimalistic staple, fit is very important.

Most men’s t-shirts aren’t meant to be tight, so a t-shirt that’s too snug will stick out like a sore thumb.

With t-shirts you want to hit the right balance between looking loose without being baggy.

Pick t-shirts with a v-neck collar to give your neck some length.

Your shoulders should line up properly in the t-shirt. Allow it to fit a little close in the chest, to give your body shape. Then it should hang straight and loose from there.


Suits and Tailors

A tailored suit is really the best way to dress up your body, no matter what shape you have.

This is particularly important for large men, since fit can completely change your look.

It’s common for larger men to purchase suits that are too large, hoping to hide any bulges under layers of fabric.

For example, a longer jacket and slanted pockets will make the body appear longer, but try to remain balanced, since jackets that are too long may start to look sloppy.

In this case, it’s best to purchase a full-cut suit that fits well in the important areas, including collar size, sleeve length, shoulders, and body length, and then have your tailor shape it and take it in.

The tailor will help you keep your bespoke suit as a slim outline, while giving you extra space where you need it.


Summer Wear

For most people, summer wear means a lighter version of everything you usually wear. This could mean lighter fabrics or lighter colors as well. The tricky part comes when it’s time to hit the beach.

Tips for picking poolside clothes and swimwear:

  • When it comes to tops, avoid tank tops and go with a t-shirt that fits you well.


  • Swimwear is frequently sold with bright colors and patterns, however, larger men are smart to go darker here despite the marketing.


  • While you’re at it, buy board shorts rather than swimming trunks, as board shorts have a longer inseam and proper waistband, as opposed to elastic.


Flattering Clothes for a Big Stomach

Large stomachs can vary between body shape, from the beer-belly type who are overall fairly thin or fit, but have a larger middle or stomach, to those who are large throughout the entire upper body and chest.

Your goal when styling a large stomach is to wear clothes that accentuate the right areas and draw focus away from your stomach.

You will most often opt for well-fitting pants in this case. Having a slim lower half of your body will go a long way toward cutting a good overall impression.

Another option is wearing an interesting jacket which will draw attention. Keeping your jacket buttoned when standing to give shape to your form.

Some men use accessories, such as a watch (they don’t have to be expensive, you can go for a budget luxury watch under 2000 or a beautiful looking watch under 200) or a well-knotted scarf, to add stylistic detail.


Casual Fashion for Big Guys

Most style recommendations for big guys generally direct men to wear suits. However, there are plenty of casual fashion choices for large men as well; with an even wider variety of styles than can be achieved with a suit.

Consider some of the following staples:

  • Sports Jackets give structure and form to a larger frame. They also come in a variety of patterns, from checked to corduroy, to suit your styles and needs. Furthermore, you can wear it on top of a t-shirt or button down.


  • Large or Heavy Shoes with thick soles can help to balance a larger frame and drawn the eye, which gives a lengthening effect.


  • Tucking in a Button-down even when going casual, a tucked button-down can reduced volume around your hips, so that you lower half forms a slimmer line.


The Magic of Dark Colors

Due to the limited way that they reflect light, dark colors have a more slimming effect that lighter colors.

You won’t be able to discern smaller differences in them, such as where the fabric is pulling or sagging.

They also tend to be more subtle while still cutting an impressive overall image, so you don’t have to worry about drawing a lot of attention to the details of your physical form.

You don’t have to wear black to get the benefit of dark colors either. Branch out to navy, gray, or charcoal.


Posture Is a Game-Changer

Posture includes standing up straight and moving your shoulder and your neck back to make straighter lines. This not only strengthens the muscles throughout your core shoulders and back, but it also makes you stomach appear flatter.

You will find that your clothes hang better when you stand up straight. Furthermore, many find that good posture allows them to look and feel confident.

Confidence and good posture are a level of style all their own.

They take commitment, but once mastered will allow you to pull off any fashion you like.

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