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Odor Away - fresh and clean apartment

Keeping Odor Away: 7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Apartment Fresh

Nobody likes a smelly apartment — not you, not your parents, and not your guests.

Those musty, funky smells that build up over time can be caused by many different things, from damp and mold to poor cooking. Despite your efforts to keep the odor away, you might still be scratching your head.

Yet getting rid of nasty, lingering smells is actually pretty easy and even if you don’t have the fanciest digs, once you’re done that cleanliness is going to lend a breath of fresh air that’ll lift your mood and fill both you and your loved ones with glowing pride.

Here are Groom+Style’s seven easy ways to make your apartment smell better (smell great, we should say) and keep odor away!


Start by Cleaning Everything

There’s no way around this one, we’re afraid.

You’re going to have to clean everything before you can make it smell good. Most air fresheners, candles and reed diffusers have their own strong scent, which can overpower stale smells, but not remove them.

You might even need to vacuum dirt and crumbs before they cause other problems. Nice plants might cover up problems for a little while with floral scents and a green look, but eventually you will need to clean.


The only sure-fire way of removing bad smells for good is to actually remove them by cleaning. Pick up some rubber gloves and scrubbing pads, and get to work.

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For tight spots and places where the dirt is strong, we recommend using something which includes a large brush and a small brush with an added wiper blade. This part, the cleaning, is the most laborious but essential part of making your place look, smell and feel fresher, so stick at it.

Put aside some time on the weekend to do it (we recommend Saturday morning, since you can get on with the rest of your weekend after that) and just do it.


Clean the Carpets

You can scrub the walls and the countertops all you want, and you should, but unless you clean the carpets as well, there’ll always be something nagging at you, telling you you’re not quite done.

You don’t necessarily need to hire or use a carpet shampooing machine, but it does make life a hell of a lot easier. Good old fashioned elbow grease and a bucket full of hot water should do the trick. Treat the whole thing like a workout.

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Pro tip: Work from one corner of the room outwards, so that you don’t wash yourself into a corner and have to walk all over your freshly cleaned and still-wet carpet. Drying usually takes a good few hours, so get started early, then treat yourself to an afternoon out while the house dries off, and you can look forward to coming home to clean, clean perfection.


Get the Stink Out of the Curtains

The curtains are another major culprit when it comes to making your apartment smell stale. They’re like big nets for stink, and will soak up pretty much anything that’s floating around in the air, from cooking smells and smoke to pet smells and general dustiness.

Using a simple Febreze or Lysol odor remover on them is really all you need, as these kinds of products help to lift smells away from fabrics and off. Once you’ve sprayed them down, leave them for a while, then brush down with a clean brush, repeat, and open the windows to let them and the room they’re in, air out a little bit.

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Check the Pets for Odor

Sometimes the thing making your place smell like farts is the dog. You can’t stop the little guy from doing what he’s going to do, but improving your pet’s nutrition can help to make them smell better generally.

Also, giving them a bath every now and then can reduce the stale, musty smell they can sometimes give off (which, by the way, may not be noticeable to you, but certainly is to your guests).

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Taking Out the Trash

The trash is another source of great stink, and if your apartment is small or if you tend to throw away stuff which smells really bad, then the odor coming from your trash can leak into other rooms and hang around long after you empty the thing.

There are a couple of solutions: one is buying a better trashcan with a more robust seal. You can also use odor-fighting bags, which will actively help to block bad smells coming from the bin while it’s in use.


Get Some Scented Candles

Ok, now the fun stuff begins. Scented candles are a great way to infuse your apartment with lovely smells, and you can find them in pretty much every scent under the sun. They make great feature pieces and can really help to make your place feel more homely.

Here are a few of our favorite picks:

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Reed Diffuser and Essential Oils

Not into the whole candle thing? That’s cool, you can get the same apartment-wide effect using reed diffusers, which are on all the time, and will gently infuse the smell of essential oils throughout your place.

Try the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, which is made specifically for use with your favorite essential oils, and is reedless (great if you have kids or a cat). If you do want to go the reed route, then a simple setup can be all you need to get started.

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Next, pick up a few bottles of essential oil and simply empty them into the diffuser when the original liquid is all gone.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll breathe new life into your apartment in just a few hours. It’s incredible how much of a difference it makes.

If all that fails then you will need to read Groom+Style’s review of the top odor eliminators!

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