Oster hair clippers review

Oster is a famous home appliance company, which has been in the market since the 1920s. During World War II, John Oster decided to patent electric motors. This opportunity helped him raise funds for his new venture. Once he had the capital, Oster bought a company named Steven’s Electric. They then changed the name of … Read more

Men’s Makeup: Debunked Once and For All

Makeup is all about elevating your look. When your looks are at your absolute best, you feel more confident. The very word makeup has feminine connotations that most men are reluctant to try out makeup or admit that they wear any. But the men’s makeup market is booming, with more men taking to wearing some … Read more

Chinos vs Khakis: What is the Difference?

Chinos are Khakis are terms you should be most familiar with if you wear or shop for menswear. With the right belt, they look pretty great. They are used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between the two. Both these chic and comfortable trousers started as men’s garments, but today, they are worn by both … Read more

8 Early Signs Of Balding in Men

Larry David, a comedian and the creator of Seinfield, has said something so humorously correct that it almost made bald people laugh and accept their condition simultaneously. According to him, any person with a head filled with hair can be confident. However, the challenge is in being satisfied with a bald head. Finding the latter … Read more

activated charcoal benefits

12 Benefits of Activated Charcoal for your Hygiene What is Activated Charcoal? When you burn minerals rich in carbon at extreme temperatures, then you come up with activated charcoal. Such minerals can include coal or wood, for example, to get charcoal powder. Further processing is necessary to attain the porous nature of activated charcoal by … Read more