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Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas to Keep it Contemporary

Tile floors are becoming a staple in modern and contemporary houses for their versatility and ability to express any tone or theme. On top of that, tile floors are strong, water resistant, and difficult to stain. Tile flooring can give you the benefit of tying together the different components of your kitchen remodel, particularly if you are combining different colors and textures, while contemporary trends keep it looking fresh and photogenic.


Common Types of Floor Tiling

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain are the most common and affordable tiles on the market. They are made from clay fired at high heat, making them extremely durable. Additionally, modern printing methods allow them to have beautiful and detailed colors and textures.

Porcelain tile tends to be harder and stronger than ceramic. Since porcelain is pressurized, it is less porous, meaning it will be less likely to chip or crack. Porcelain often requires special tools for installation, especially when it comes to cutting the tiles, so it usually requires professional installation.

Ceramic tiles are softer and normally glazed to protect the tile. This allows the tile to remain waterproof and low-maintenance for mopping and cleaning. Ceramic is less dense and therefore easier to cut, making it an easier DIY installation project.


Stone Tiles

Common varieties of natural stone tiles include:

  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Marble

Since natural stone is porous, these tiles require sealing every two years for best longevity. Just as with stone countertops, natural stone adds durable beauty to the home. Polished stone tiles will allow you to see to the depth of the stone, but can be slippery during spills.


Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Interesting or Realistic Textures

Wood-Textured Tiles– Porcelain tiles are now being printed with beautiful and realistic wood designs, which can give the appearance of natural wood without the maintenance requirements and expense of hardwood floors. One elegant trend in wood-style tiles is the alder wood or white-washed wood tile, which combines some of the best effects of gleaming white marble tiles with wood-grain textures.

Ceramic Marble Tiles – Marble tiles themselves are very expensive and are high-maintenance, since marble can stain and discolor easily. Ceramic tiles can offer marble designs in elegant and timeless printed tiles that are lower-maintenance and also less expensive.

Metallic Tiles – Metallic tones work well in a kitchen space. These refer to copper or brassy-tones and other metals. Copper fits perfectly in the kitchen for a reflective and moderately industrial warmth.

Concrete-Looking Tiles – The modern industrial look of concrete checks both boxes of being elegantly grey and putting a contemporary twist on a classic look. Ceramic tiles that look like concrete tend to be softer and better on the knee joints than true concrete flooring.

Encaustic Decorative Tiles – Encaustic patterns refer to tiles that feature patterned designs, such as arabesques and patchworks. To keep the look from becoming outdated, consider a monotone pattern. A fun use for encaustic decorative tiles is to create a rug design on the floor with a contrasting border.

Pre Worn Tiles – Some tiles have been developed to show the appearance of wear, particularly with worn wood designs or pre-aged stone. This trend allows the appearance of premium materials to take on a more relaxed and inviting feel.


High-Contrast and High-Variation Colors

High Color Variation – Common with wood and stone-style tiles, high color variation refers to a level of variation in color and value between each tile. This makes the tile appear more natural with a cozy feel. One distinctive style is that of reclaimed wood, which adds an instant rustic charm to a kitchen that receives natural light.

Grey Neutrals – Grey offers a modern and versatile neutral, since greys can err on the side of blue or brown, warm or cool.

Muted Neutrals Blonde colors, as well as muted or conservative light colors are great for blending with just about any kitchen style or cabinet color. To add a bit of interest to a muted floor tile, try adding subtle patterns by contrasting the flow of the grain or orienting them diagonally.

Bright Whites – White tiles can help a room appear larger especially when done with large tiles and combined with rooms that receive natural sunlight.


Creative Patterns

Thin Tile Slabs and Elongated Planks – Long, thin tiles (12×24 inches) come in a variety of colors and textures and offer a contemporary, casual feel.

Large Tiles – Large tiles can make a room feel bigger and cut down on a busy or cluttered design. Whether square or rectangular, large tile sizes are becoming popular and easy to find on the market.

Honey-Comb and Geometric Patterns – Consistent geometric patterns, such as hexagonal tiles, can add interest to an otherwise minimalistic or plain kitchen.

Herringbone and Chevron – While some tiles themselves might offer herringbone patterns, the best way to do this is to use a rectangular tile and lay it done in a herringbone or chevron pattern. Chevron floors are angled so that they come together at a point. These floor patterns are very photogenic, since they create clear lines that draw the eye. Both patterns are catching on in more contemporary home design, particularly when done with long planks.

Parquet Floors and Patchwork Tiling – Tiled parquet floors are helping to give homes a very youthful and comfortable appearance. Similar styles include patterning and patchworking tiles of different size rectangles using some small color variation.

Mixed-Width Tiling – Mixed-width is a unique tiling option that’s done with long plank tiles. Rows of long planks are laid down in various widths. This adds a lot of interest to the space and draws the eye.

Mixed Media Tiling – Since natural and industrial looks are both extremely stylish in contemporary design, mixed materials offer the opportunity to blend the two options. While all the tiles used are most likely ceramic or porcelain, mixed media can refer using a combination of matte and polished tiles in the same pattern. Mixed media might also refer to using accent patterns of metallic tiles.

Rectangular Subway Tiles – Rectangular subway tiles have enjoyed a long run for their versatility and ability to work with almost any style. These tiles allow you to play with patterns, shapes, and arrangement, while the simple shape keeps the design from becoming too busy and cluttered. While most often used for kitchen backsplashes, these tiles can add interest in a mixed-material flooring design.


Tiles offer highly versatile options, whether the look you’re going for is natural stone, ceramic tiling that appears to be wood or rare stones, or a more playful pattern with geometric shapes.

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