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Goatee Style Beards

A goatee is traditionally a type of beard that is on the chin hence the name goatee, because it resembles the hair type structure that a goat possesses.

The traditional goatee has no traces of mustache but just the neatly groomed patch on the chin. However, with time the style has evolved a lot, and men have started experimenting with bringing out the best type that suits their face.

Why Should One Get A Goatee?

A goatee is a perfect answer for men who have uneven, sparse, or thin beard growth.

A rough patchy beard doesn’t look as attractive as a regular beard. Since a goatee doesn’t involve a beard, it is a perfect style to carry on for such face types. Apart from the sparse growth, the numerous styles are nearly perfect for every face type.

Each goatee style looks handsome on a specific face shape. Some men do not have the time to care for a long and bushy beard, and the goatee is one such style that comes at their rescue during their busy schedules.

The versatility of the goatee is yet another reason why people love it so much. Goatee tends to make men look older and sharper than they already are; this is one more reason why people love to style their face with a goatee.

This style is also excellent for men who have a comparatively weaker chin. The extra elements at the bottom of the face distract people, thus making their faces look broad and manly.

Let us look at various goatee styles that you can style to frame your face and look more stylish and sharp.

#1 Classic goatee

We cannot make this list without honoring the classic goatee in the first place. This style is the father of all goatee styles and is also known as an original or classic goatee.

This type of goatee has nothing but a small patch of hair on the chin. To complete the classic goatee look, make sure that no mustache stays in the picture.

How to achieve this look:

Start by shaving the rest of the beard on your cheek. Give the desired angle on the starting point of the chin. Slowly and steadily shaved off the rest of the mustache- without this step, you cannot call it a classic goatee.

Give a little soul patch and clean up the edges around the soul patch. There you have it, the most simple yet strong-looking goatee.

#2 The Van Dyke goatee

the van dyke

The Van Dyke goatee is named after the famous 17th-century artist Anthony van Dyke.

This type of goatee features a chin, soul patch, and a mustache, all three simultaneously. But the thing that separated this from a full goatee is the connection. Van Dyke goatee does not connect around the edges of one’s mouth.

This goatee style is excellent for men who cannot grow a full beard and have patchy spots. Since the style doesn’t require joining the edges, you can very quickly achieve the look. The Van Dyke goatee needs to be a point at the chin; this is another significant difference between a regular and this style.

The more the goatee is angled and pointy, the more accentuated one’s face would look. You must have spotted this same style on David Beckham and Johnny Depp several times. Johnny Depp is almost primarily seen in this type of goatee in both the reel and real life.

How to achieve this look:

To achieve a classic Vna Dyke goatee, start by shaving off your cheeks and jawline with care. Next, pluck or shave off any stray hair around the edge of your mouth. This shaving will automatically leave you with a mustache and a goatee.

You can then create a soul patch and clean the fringes. To make the edges more pointy and sharper, trim the goatee with care so that it looks like a triangle. Set the look with a light application of gel to accentuate the shape and flaunt the sharp look.

#3 The full goatee

This style is the most common type of goatee that any man can go for if they have excellent and thick growth. This goatee looks especially good if you have a fuller beard.

This look is also considered a classic look and suits most men in their 30s. You can experiment with the length and size according to your needs and face structure.

One famous example of a full goatee is Dwane The Rock Johnson. You will always see him rocking a full goatee on several occasions.

How to achieve this looks:

Shave the outer cheeks of the face and start trimming your mustache. Do not meddle and try thinning the mustache. You will need it as fullest as you can. You do not have to separate the mustache from the chin goatee.

Shape it as circular as you can and trim off the excess. Most full goatees are round in shape and look more bushy and fluffy with the round shape.

#4 Soul patch goatee

soul patch

A soul patch is a tiny tuft of hair that grows under the bottom lip. A soul patch goatee is nothing but a face with just a little soul patch.

Soul patch goatee is one of the most straightforward and low-maintenance styles that you can try.

Most people do not like shaving their entire beard; during such circumstances, having a soul patch can make their face look a little hairy even if they have a clean shave.

How to achieve this look:

Start by shaving off all your mustache and beard. This style is beneficial for men who have sparse hair growth.

Next, keep the soul patch and gently shape it with the help of a trimmer. You can get creative and make your soul patch square, rectangle, or inverted triangle.

#5 Chinstrap goatee


A chinstrap is an excellent and most flattering goatee style if you have a neat and pronounced beard.

A chinstrap goatee connects from one sideburn to another. The mustache can or cannot touch depending on the style you wish to go. A Chinstrap goatee can look particularly impressive if you have a thick beard.

How to achieve this look:

Trim your mustache as per your liking and groom your sideburns and beard. It would help if you had a full-grown beard to carry this style.

Start trimming the cheeks till you see a perfect semi-circle-shaped beard on both sides of the face. You can adjust the thickness according to your liking.

If you decided to keep it thicker, it would look very pronounced; if you want a more subtle look, you can make the goatee+beard less wide.

#6 Anchor goatee

anchor goatee beard

An anchor goatee is a type of goatee that highly resembles an anchor.

This type of goatee is relatively thin and should be kept that way to look like an anchor. You must have seen Robert Downey Jr flaunting this anchor goatee on various occasions.

How to achieve this looks:

Start by shaving off your sideburns and cheek hair. Next, trim the edges of your mouth to separate the mustache from the goatee. Once that is taken place, you have to razor the soul patch to look like a line.

After your soul patch line is connected to the goatee, take your time correcting the goatee’s inner shape to make it look like an anchor. Next, do the same on the outer side for a clean and finished look.

#7 Landing strip goatee

landing strip style

A landing strip goatee is a relatively straightforward concept, but men mainly do not prefer this style because of its funny looks.

In addition, very few men can make it look solemn and attractive. Nevertheless, this classic landing strip was an incredible hit style in the 2000s.

We hope you remember the legendary frosted tips with a landing strip goatee as a complementary combo that ruled the Y2K era.

How to achieve this look:

If you wish to dive into the past, you need to shave off the rest of your beard and carefully work in making the soul patch as long as you can.

The straighter the line, the better this style looks. This style looks way better if you have a sparse mustache to balance out the vertical line.

#8 Long goatee

A long goatee is again one such style that requires you to have a lot of hair. This style involves a commitment to grow out the goatee.

The length is entirely up to you. One can keep it a few inches long or go full biker mode on it. This style is excellent for men who can grow exceptional goatees but fail to grow side beards on the cheeks.

If you aren’t sure about the long goatee, you can follow Brad Pitt and keep the same length as he does.

How to achieve this look:

As usual, you need to shave off the sides of your beard and create a nice loop from your mustache to the goatee.

Then, you can trim the length as per your wish. If you want to grow, you can keep it as is and try to touch it up every week by shaving your cheeks and reshaping the edges of the goatee.

#9 Stubble goatee

stubble goatee

Stubble goatee is a fantastic way to look rugged, manly, and handsome without trying much.

This style is the most popular type of stubble around young actors in Hollywood. This goatee excellently hides patchy spots and looks good on most formal and informal events.

How to achieve this look:

You need to keep your razor away for this one in the starting steps. Start by adjusting your trimmer to the desired length that you wish to see your stubble. A short stubble looks perfect for this style.

After you are done trimming, take out your razor, separate your beard and goatee, and give the final finishing touches. This style makes your face look rugged but also clean at the same time.

#10 Handlebar Balbo goatee

handlebar balbo style

Handlebar Balbo goatee is one of the most popular styles of this decade. This semi hipster- semi-period era look is widely popular for its sharpness.

You cannot have this goatee without being discreet, as people would always notice your presence. This goatee isn’t hard to achieve, but this is indeed not a beginner-level goatee. To make it look fuller and perfect, one must try to grow out a thick mustache and beard.

You will also need to take care of the shape, regularly trim and gel it to look as sharp as you can. Apart from the handlebar, the main difference between Balbo and the anchor goatee is the depth.

While anchor goatee requires you to scoop deep, Balbo requires a little trimming in the inner side of the goatee.

How to achieve this look:

To start, you might have to shave the cheeks and keep them as clean as possible. Next, shape your mustache to a handlebar, trim, and shave the excess.

Once you are done with the mustache, come back to the goatee and decide where you want to end the goatee. You can try a little chinstrap or keep it as a standard goatee. To give its famous look, trim the insides so the mustache isn’t connecting the goatee.

A Quick List Of Goatee Styles

Diamond face shape:

Handlebar Balbo goatee, classic goatee, complete goatee

Round face shape:

Classic pure goatee, anchor goatee, soul patch

Square face shape:

Plain goatee and mustache, Plain Balbo goatee, handlebar Balbo goatee

Oblong face shape:

Chinstrap goatee, Van Dyke goatee, full goatee.

Triangular Face Shape:

Classic goatee, anchor goatee.


We hope our list of top ten goatee styles has inspired you to get out of your comfort zone to try something new and fun with your beard.

These styles are comparatively easy to style, shape, and maintain as compared to other full beards. But, are you afraid that it won’t suit your face? What can go wrong! It’s hair; you can always grow back!

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