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Man Art of ShavingHow to Use an Electric Shaver?

Getting a quick shave without bleeding to death has been one of the most common goals of men throughout the years. However, since the electric shaver has hit the market, the blood loss among men has been dramatically reduced.

Joking aside, the good news is that there are a few tricks you can employ in order to achieve a perfect, close shave.

If you’ve never used an electric shaver before, you should definitely give it some time before judging its performance and capabilities. Even if shaving with an electric razor is considered a simple task, this process might be quite daunting, especially for men who have never used one of these shavers before. The fact of the matter is that electric razors have come a long way, proving time and time again that overall they are way more efficient than manual razors. However, you need to learn how to use an electric shaver in order to leverage the benefits of these devices.


Best Way to Use Electric Shaver

Using an electric razor is as easy as pie. Here are some important things you need to remember in order to learn how an electric razor works and discover how it can be used.


1. Choose a Good Razor

For starters, you should ensure that you purchase a top-notch razor that caters to your needs and can exceed your expectations. There is a plethora of electric razors available out there, each of them having a different price and unique features. Rotary razors (mainly produced by Phillips) feature three rotating circular blades, while foil razors (Braun) have a few straight rows of moving blades. While the former come with an integrated trimmer which enhance your shaving, the latter model is faster, easier to clean and easier to maintain, allowing you to create your own pattern.

You can also find razors with self-cleaning systems or those designed for thick hair. Some of the most advanced models can even dispense water and shaving cream. The razor you will ultimately choose should depend on your budget, needs and hair type.

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2. Read the Manual First

You need to make sure you read the manual. Every single device is different, and the manual contains unique information and tips about the razor you are holding in your hands. Even if you’re not new to electric shaving, reading the manual is a good idea.


3. Prepare your Face

It is wise to wash your face before using a modern electric shaver for men. Use lukewarm water, because it opens your face pores, softening your hair follicles. If you use a pre-shave cleanser, that’s even better. You can also apply a pre-shave cream or lotion in order to remove excess oil from your face and enjoy a closer shave.  Most top of the range electric shavers can be used in the shower, which can save you a great deal of time.


4. Never Shave Right After you Wake up

Many men shave right after they wake up. This is a huge mistake, because the face is puffy after waking up, and we all know that getting a close shave with a puffy face is impossibility. To get the most of your shaving, you should wait 15-20 minutes before plugging the shaver in.


5. Use Various Shaving Techniques

You need to try various shaving techniques until you can master one that suits you better. Most men out there declared that shaving against hair growth gives them a healthier and closer shave, while others report minor irritations when using this method of shaving. We are all different and we have different types of skin, so it is ideal to try several shaving methods before sticking to one you like.  Interesting it can also take time for your facial hair to adapt to the type of shaver you buy, be it foil or rotary.


6. Maintain your Shaver

Lastly, you need to know how to maintain your shaver. This is a crucial part in the process of learning how to use an electric shaver. You can’t expect outstanding results from a dull shaver. Most top rated electric shavers for men need to be cleaned after every use. If you choose to purchase a high-end model, you might benefit of an integrated clean station. Just plug the shaver in, push a button and the cleaning tools will make your razor as good as new. Moreover, make sure you change the shaver head from time to time. Timely replacements of the head and additional parts will not only improve your razor’s performance, but I’ll dramatically increase its durability.


The Bottom Line

As you can notice, using electric razor is not such a daunting task, especially if you follow the tips and steps listed above. Learn how to use an electric shaver and you will definitely be able to enjoy a perfect shave, every single day of your life.

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