5 Difficult Lifestyle Conversations Between Adults and Aging Parents

  As an adult, there’s going to come the time when your parents hit that point where suddenly there are a few conversations that need to happen. And these conversations are difficult, because they deal with things like money, insurance, death, funerals, possessions, retirement, sickness, assisted living, and all of those other topics that relate … Read more

How To Accessorize For Any Occasion

When it comes to accessories, not everyone cares about whether or not that have something on to add a little flare to their outfit. However, the right accessory can complete your whole look, and may even give you a good conversation piece. If you’re not used to wearing rings, necklaces or bracelets, picking the right … Read more

Details: The Essence of Fashionable Feet

Details: The Essence of Fashionable Feet When it comes to fashionable feet, the devil will be in the details. If you’re in the casual club, the practical club, or the athletic club, some of these observations aren’t going to matter to you in the least, but for the fashion forward, one of the best places … Read more