Backpackers - four friends

Backpackers: A Guide to the Lifestyle and Getting Started What does it take to be a backpacker? You have a desire for freedom and independence. You love the great outdoors, even when the weather gets unpleasant. And you need to have a friend who will stand by you while you’re roughing it. Leaving your car … Read more

survival kit

30 Things to Include in Your Wilderness Survival Pack or Kit Exploring the wilderness or camping is great fun and a marvelous experience. However, what would you do if you were to take a wrong turn or lose your map? Suddenly your wonderful adventure is daunting. Sleeping under the stars becomes tossing and turning to … Read more

travel agencies delivering adventure

  Top 13 Travel Agencies Delivering the Ultimate Once in a Lifetime Travel Experience Bucket list trips are all about making memories that follow you into your everyday life. More than vacations, these trips allow you to be the adventurer. You might take on physical challenges, learn more about yourself, and get to know a … Read more