Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

elliptical machine buying guide

Elliptical Machine Buying Guide Treadmills have been the best-selling home exercise equipment for quite some time, but they’re also one of the most often-abandoned, as many people tire of them quickly. Elliptical machines or elliptical trainers, on the other hand, are coming on strong in terms of popularity and rank higher in terms of user … Read more

Complete Treadmill Buying Guide

treadmill buying guide

Complete Treadmill Buying Guide If you’re going to end up using a treadmill the same way many would-be exercisers do – as an annex to your closet, where you hang shirts and toss dirty laundry – it doesn’t really matter what type of treadmill you purchase. On the other hand, if you’re planning to use … Read more

Exercise Bike Buying Guide

bike buying guide

Exercise Bike Buying Guide Exercise bikes aren’t old school anymore. The immense popularity of spinning classes has not only convinced many to buy their own spin bike to use at home, but given new life to the time-tested classic upright exercise bike and sparked new interest in recumbent bikes as well – creating increased demand … Read more

Rowing Machine Buying Guide

row machine buy guide

Rowing Machine Buying Guide Rowing machines? Sure, they’re fine at the gym and were popular 40 years ago, but does anyone except President Frank Underwood (from House of Cards, of course) still use a rowing machine at home? Since we’ve taken the time to write this rowing machine buyer guides, you can probably guess that … Read more