Beard Neckline 101

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Beard Neckline 101
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Beard Neckline 101

Beard Neckline 101

Irrespective of whether you are trying to grow a man mane or simply trying to keep things short and simple, one of the conundrums that really can’t be ignored is the beard neckline.

After all, nothing good comes from the neckbeard.

So you should take extra care in making sure that you have an actual neckline to set off your beard.

Not only will you come across more professional and feel better, but you will definitely be proud of how sharp you look.

The truth is that finding and trimming a good beard neckline can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Let’s take a look at where exactly this invisible line may be found and how you can trim it consistently.

Where Should My Beard Neckline Be?

Man Showing Beard


First of all, if you’re trying to keep up a deliberate, particular, beard style, the beard neckline will vary. For some beard styles, a shorter, faded neckline may work best.

However, if you are the average guy just wanting to grow out his beard or keep a simple short ‘box’ beard, then there is a solid and clear neckline to aim for.

And it’s actually easy to find, so we’re going to keep the explanation simple.

How To Identify The Beard Neckline

Method One

Firstly locate the Adam’s Apple and place two fingers above it. The top of your fingers is precisely where the bottom point of the neckline should be.

Method Two

An easier way to go about it is to tilt your head downward. A crease will form where the underside of your jaw meets the top of your neck.

Place your finger on the crease and straighten your head. And there you have it, the beard neckline!

Should I Shave My Neck When Growing A Beard?

Man Shaving Neck

When it comes to the neckbeard, there are split opinions.

Some men grow a full beard, so they don’t have to shave anymore, while others prefer to keep their beards in check even while growing a magnificent beard.

However, that debate needs to be addressed.

The reality is that when trimming up a beard, there are no right or wrong ways but simply guidelines, and it depends largely on the beard you are trying to grow.

Growing A Short Beard

If you want to keep your facial hair relatively short, it’s less likely that you should be ditching the shaving cream just yet.

Shorter beards look great when they are tidy, some men who prefer short beards tend to keep shaving their necklines.

Having neck hair does tend to look unkempt, especially once you get past that stubbly stage.

However, if that’s the style you are going for, then, it’s possible to make your jawline more prominent. So the best way to achieve this look is to keep the necklines trimmed up.

Growing A Medium Beard

Man With Medium Beard

A medium bead is a loose term. In fact, it is somewhere between long stubble and short lumberjack.

So it’s tough to establish hard and fast rules here. If your beard does cover your neck, then shaving it is still worth it.

This doesn’t, by any means, mean that you have to. Some men prefer the shape of their beards without the shaved neckline.

However, for other men shaving the neckline on a medium beard gives it purpose and can make a more significant difference to the angles and shape that you expect.

One of the rules for finding your neckline is not letting your neck creep up.

If you prune your beard on a regular basis, the last thing you want to see is a bit more of your neckline each and every time.

So, in other words, there’s nothing more that you’ll hate than seeing a neckline that’s actually not even on the neck. And if you’re going to grow a beard, you should do it right.

Growing A Long Beard

If this is your plan, then you should stop shaving your neckline right away.

Your facial hair will grow at the same pace, and if you keep shaving your neckline and growing your beard out, you’re going to reach a point where your stubble neckline stands out.

How To Get Rid Of Beard Hair On The Neck?

Bear On The Neck

Growing a beard is a process that takes time, and this is especially if you want to grow a long beard because it’s going to take a really long time.

You don’t have to shave your neck while growing a beard. It isn’t going to hurt the hair on your face if you decide to do so. Your beard will keep growing at exactly the same pace it did before.

One of the disadvantages of not shaving your neck while growing a beard is that you could end up looking scruffy and unkempt.

However, if that’s what you’re going for and you feel you can pull it off, then, by all means, go ahead and do so.

Then again, if you want a well-groomed and presentable look, then keep reading.

Removing hair from your neck doesn’t have to be a big deal. Because you have so much less ground to cover, it’s actually easier than shaving your face.

The bonus is that you will shave your neck exactly the same way that you shave your face, and that is using shaving cream and a high-quality razor.

Alternatively, you may choose to use a good beard trimmer.

Perhaps, the only difference between shaving your face and your neck is that when shaving your neck, you’ll need to pay extra attention, ensuring that you keep the neckline of your beard neat and tidy.

It will take a little longer while you’re working on this area; however, once you see the finished result, it will all be worth it.

Where Should Your Beard Neckline Be?

This depends highly on your personal preference. Your beard length and appearance will also play a role.

Shaping up the neckline of your beard is going to shape the appearance of your entire face. So it’s crucial that you get it right.

For Longer Beards

Man Choosing Beard Neckline

If you have a longer beard, then you should leave the neckline lower. This increases the visual density of your beard and makes it appear thicker, fuller and also more impressive.

Don’t leave the neckline lower than the longest portion of your beard in order to avoid the neckbeard look.

If you have hair that grows down beyond your Adam’s apple, you’ll want to tidy it up as well. You’ll want to bring the neckline in line with the top of Adam’s apple in order to get that fresh look.

For Short Beards

If you are growing a shorter beard, then you’ll want to remove as much hair from the neck as possible.

Try to line the beard up just under your jawline and trim away so that the beard hair on your face stops on the hard edge, just underneath your jawline.

Take a pair of clippers or a beard trimmer and use it to fade the hair into the bare skin of the neck if you’re going for a more natural look.

For men who have a weak jawline, this fading process will help avoid the dreaded chinstrap.

If your beard is covering your neck completely, you can just forget about it and let it go. For some men, this is quite liberating.

There is no more itchiness caused by shaving, and you simply snap on your beard oil or wax in the morning, and you’re good to go.

Should My Beard Follow My Jawline?

This is one of the biggest challenges for men when deciding the point on their neck to which they should trim their beard line.

If you go too low, your neck will look funny and lose the definition of the chin or jawline.

Alternatively, if you accidentally go too high, then it will look like your beard is trying to escape your face.

So a good basic plan is to trim a smooth line and pass right about under your Adam’s apple following the contour and crease of your neck.

This then creates a smart and polished look without anything too bold or daring.


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