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8 Early Signs Of Balding in Men

Larry David, a comedian and the creator of Seinfield, has said something so humorously correct that it almost made bald people laugh and accept their condition simultaneously.

According to him, any person with a head filled with hair can be confident. However, the challenge is in being satisfied with a bald head. Finding the latter type of people is similar to finding a needle in the haystack. 

Now, you have to agree that balding doesn’t happen in a fortnight. It is a uniform and slow process. Signs of balding aren’t unlike the other signs of growing old. It is, in fact, very similar. 

Then again, hair loss isn’t exclusive to aging. Alopecia can happen any time after you enter into adulthood. Research and surveys have shown that one can see the onset of balding at the early 20s and even at the late 50s and 60s. 

What is the definition of balding?

If you refer to a type of Alopecia called Androgenetic alopecia, you are talking about severe hair loss resulting in balding. It is also known as male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss. 

One thing that we must mention is that hair growth occurs in three long phases. These three phases are called Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. According to doctors, if the hair loss is more than the hair growth, then balding occurs in those cases. 

A crucial way of putting a stop to severe hair loss is to notice the balding signs early. 

Do all men go through stages of balding? 

According to research, all men, when they reach their 60s, experience severe male pattern hair loss, also known as ‘balding.’

Despite saying this, it is also true that hair loss signs vary from person to person.

So, there is no particular age given when you will experience hair loss anyhow. Researchers have also found out that three to four men will go through severe hair loss among a group of dozen men by the time they reach their 30s. 

What are some of the reasons for hair loss or balding in men?

What are some of the reasons for hair loss or balding in men?

  • In case your doctor is coming up blank on the underlying cause for bald spots, you must do a thyroid test. It is a known cause of extensive hair loss.
  • One of the causes of hair loss can be the attribution of nutritional deficiency in your body. If the body is deprived of protein, iron, and different vitamins, hair loss can happen. 
  • Hair loss can also happen because of a condition called Alopecia areata. What happens in this? It refers to a circular patch where hair growth is absent, and it occurs without any noticeable symptom. 
  • Another condition that causes excessive hair loss is called Telogen effluvium. This condition is triggered by physical stress and mental stress—for example – any form of hospitalization due to an injury, loss of a beloved someone, etc. 
  • A fungus inflammation called Tinea capitis can result in the formation of pimples in your scalp. It will, eventually, lead to permanent hair loss. 
  • Indefinite damage to hair follicles can be caused by Cicatricial alopecia. It is a term used to describe the scarring of tissues, which leads to the destruction of hair follicles. 

8 early balding signs that need to be seen

8 early balding signs that need to be seen

  1. Your hairline will begin to recede. You will notice some changes in your hairline. For example – thinning down your hair at the front portion and the temple portion of your hairline. Several clumps of your hair will fall. The dermal papilla needs a variety of nutrients, oxygen, and minerals to stay intact. When it is deprived of all those, it secretes DHT, which is the hormone responsible for male pattern hair loss. This male hormone causes the miniaturization of hair follicles. 
  2. You will experience hair fall at a rate beyond expectancy. If the amount of hair you find on pillows, and while showering is more than a few strands, it indicates that your hair is thinning out permanently. It occurs when the life cycle of hair is damaged to a certain extent. 
  3. Your scalp will itch all the time. However, it doesn’t directly point out balding signs. What it points to is a different kind of skin disease like folliculitis and even psoriasis. These conditions, in turn, result in hair loss or balding. 
  4. If your hair growth becomes short with each passing day, that is, if your hair isn’t growing at the rate it used to, then gentlemen, you have a problem. The average hair growth timespan resides between two and six years. Post that, the shedding of hair takes place as the hair follicles become inactive. 
  5. One of the earliest balding signs is given by the barber you go to every time for a haircut. He has known your hair growth pattern and its condition for a long time, so he has the most knowledge about it. He will guide you on how to proceed further if the thinning of hair has been happening. If you are unsure and you trust your barber’s tipping opinion, then rely on it. 
  6. If your head gets more and more sensitive over time, it might be an indicator of hair thinning. Let us give you an example – if your scalp is getting burnt by the wrath of the sun more than before, then you have to understand that your scalp is losing chunks of hair, making the scalp susceptible to sunburn. 
  7. The evidence in photos never lies. If you notice significant changes in ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of your hair, then it is high time you take some action. Also, you have to take photos from the same angle in the same lighting to compare rightly. 
  8. If you notice that the hair at the back top of your head is thinning down rapidly, it is a typical balding sign. Since we are talking about the crown of your head, you need to use mirrors to gather evidence as you don’t have eyes at the back. 

What are the treatment options for thinning of hair or balding?

What are the treatment options for thinning of hair or balding?

Scalp massage is one of the best ways to tackle balding signs at an early phase. How does it help?

It helps in hair growth by increasing the rush of blood to your scalp. Another way scalp massage aids in preventing hair thinning is by increasing the stimulation of your hair follicles from their source, that is, the cells called the dermal papilla.

Now, scalp massage is not a complicated process. It has a few steps which, if followed, will lead to positive results. So, let us begin with the guide. 

  1. Firstly, you need to put your index finger, middle finger, and thumb on each side of the head, right above each ear.
  2. Now, move your fingers in a circular pattern and apply pressure alongside. 
  3. Move the same fingers to your crown or back portion of the top of your head from the initial position. Next, keep applying pressure as you move your fingers. You have to keep in mind that you need to go to and fro from above your ears to the crown of your head. 
  4. The last step is to move your fingers towards your hairline and your scalp’s base while applying pressure at each movement. 


  • A hair transplant can be an ever-lasting solution for your balding problem. However, it is done in extreme cases. Before we suggest you opt for a hair transplant, make sure that other painless treatments have been tried and haven’t been successful. Those more comfortable treatment options are given below. 
  • Try a type of medication called Finasteride. How does it help? It has been proved that men who took this prescribed medication have seen a reduction in hair loss by as much as 95%. It does this magic by obstructing the conversion of your testosterone hormone into DHT hormone. One word of caution – women, and children can’t consume this oral medicine. 
  • The hair growth or regrowth happens fast when Minoxidil is consumed with Finasteride. This combination helps increase blood flow to the follicles, ultimately resulting in the restart of hair growth. All you have to do is apply it to your scalp twice every day.
  • There is a type of shampoo that does the same work as Finasteride. It also blocks the production of DHT hormone. Then again, the rate of action of the shampoo is lower than that of Finasteride. 
  • One of the most appropriate and effective ways to reduce hair thinning is investing in LLLT, commonly known as ‘low level laser therapy’. The FDA has sanctioned this therapy. What is the form in which this therapy is given? It is given in the form of a cap which you need to put on. It can also be given to you in the form of a wand that you point towards your scalp. The emission of red light from these helps accentuate the blood flow and reduce any kind of inflammation. 

Hair loss treatment is not a one-time investment. It goes on for many years. So, you have to maintain your patience as impatience can trigger distress, leading to more and more hair loss. Getting stressed will hinder the recovery period. 

The balding signs are a part of life. They take up as much time to be treated as any cardio-vascular, or diabetic illness would take. If you end up putting your effort, your time, and your timely consumption of medicines altogether in the recovery process, then it will indeed work.



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