Guide To Asian Beard Styles

Asian Beards

Facial hair gives men a fresh look. It defines their jawlines and gives their face a different structure. Some men prefer beards, while others prefer goatees. Mustaches look good on some men. For centuries men have styled their facial hair. It gives them a sense of identity. Men like to experiment with their facial hair. … Read more

Best Goatee Style Beards

Goatee Style Beards

A goatee is traditionally a type of beard that is on the chin hence the name goatee, because it resembles the hair type structure that a goat possesses. The traditional goatee has no traces of mustache but just the neatly groomed patch on the chin. However, with time the style has evolved a lot, and … Read more

Guide To Mustache Trimming

moustache trimming tips

A well-kept mustache has always helped men look good, you know. Even though the trends about facial hair have changed over time, the mustache has been a constant. Here is the thing, though. Keeping a mustache also means you have to trim it regularly. However, going to a salon every time you want to trim … Read more

Beard Growth Vitamins You Should Know About

With the craze of portraying yourself as a more distinguished and manly being, the popularity of growing a healthy and fuller beard has skyrocketed. Most people who wish to grow a beard have gone through extreme diets and beard implants, hoping to rejuvenate their hair growth. But the fact remains the same: growing a beard … Read more