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The Remington FR-730, The Shaver You Never Knew You Always Wanted

To make things clear from the start, this may not be the best electric shaver for those who have a thick beard or who are looking for the ultimate closeness that resembles the kind achieved with a razor blade. However, if you would like to find an excellent second best shaver that will not empty out your wallet in the process, then the Remington FR-730 is a great choice. Reputable brands like Panasonic or Braun will have you pay double, at least, for a model with similar features and quality as this one.

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Many customers tend to underestimate the Remington electric shavers, although, that bias does not exist without good motivation. Although it is a 75 year old company, Remington shaver has experienced a noticeable decline in build quality over the past few years. This decline, however, is currently being reversed, as many of the latest shavers they offer are now showing the improved quality that the company used to be known for and, even better, are being offered at bargain rates. The FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men’s shaver may be one of the finest choices among the latest additions to their product line.

That means that, if your beard is one of low to average thickness and you just want a decently functioning shaver with features that you can use, the Remington FR-730 could definitely provide excellent bang for the buck. It is a reasonably priced, undeceiving model that will provide adequate shaving closeness for most people. It may provide the luxury of a 5-blade shaving head, but the product is designed for people who do not feel the need for such features, and does a fine job on its own in that regard.

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Advantages To The Remington FR-730

Excellent Closeness

The shaver features a triple stage cutting mechanism that features two flexible foils and a useful intercept trimmer installed between those two foils. Those dual foils are both made of high quality surgical steel, offering a decent level of closeness to the shave for the user. Of course, the closeness is not quite like the higher quality  Braun 7 series or 5-bladed Panasonic systems, but it offers an adequately close cut for an electric shaver for the price. It passes through tricky contours and areas like the neckline and avoids causing too many problems, thanks to the pivoting head and fully flexible technology of the shaver head.

Non-Irritating Design

The market offers many high quality foil shavers, which include several high-end models that could give the Remington FR-730 a run for its money in terms delivering a shaving experience free of irritation, however the Remington really performs well in this regard. Either the combination of steel foils or the ergonomic design of the razor is the cause, but this is a very comfortable device. Sensitive skin that responds poorly to multiple passes is treated delicately by this model. Usually, no matter what a good product a shaver may be, irritation develops after 2 or 3 passes along the same area, but that is not the case with this particular shaver.

Cleaning Your Shaver Made Easy

Thanks to its clever design, this shaver is pretty easy and simple to clean. Just by rinsing it under running water, it is possible to clear all of the loose hair and debris collected. If you want to, you can also remove the head covering and perform a deeper cleaning. The shaver head’s foil covering is extremely easy to detach and fix back into place. Cleaning it is so easy that you may not even notice the absence of the fancy automatic cleaning stations often included with various other high-end shavers.

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Other Characteristics of the FR-730

Thankfully, this shaver is not very loud, like some other foil shavers tend to be. It is actually quieter than many of the other pricier foil shavers available on the market. An additional benefit is that the shaver is quite comfortable to hold and very light. The included back trimmer was designed to be attached nicely to the main body and offers a close, accurate cut, even though one would not normally expect such a great result from a budget option like this.

This shaver is provided with a 2-year warranty, which is very useful for products in this price range, as you never know when something may happen. Knowing the Remington will take the responsibility and initiative to replace any faulty parts is a great relief. Also of importance is the fact that this product offers a pretty durable battery life. Taking a cue from other top shavers, it can last for up to 60 minutes on a single charge.


Disadvantages To The FR-730

The shaver’s exterior is mostly constructed out of plastic. This does not inspire a great degree of confidence in the quality of the product; it tends to look cheap when compared side by side with similar high-end shavers. It may not get the same closeness like a manual razor blade offers, or the comfort that other top shavers make available, but the FR-730 does a considerably good job at offering just enough of each to keep most men happy with it.

If you decide to follow the company instructions to letter, you will be required to perform a blade and screen replacement at least once every 6 month, which will add up to a about $60 a year just for the maintenance of the device. Considering the cost of the device itself, this is a bit of an expensive option for what is nominally a budget shaver.


Final Verdict

The Remington FR-730 is not a fantastic shaver with many wow factors, yet there are really not many complaints about it to be made. It works well for most people with medium or light beard thickness. Individuals with heavy beards, however, are well-advised to go for a model with a more powerful liner motor that can easily trim through the thick brush and leave a close shave. This is an excellent budget model for the light user, and it is highly recommended for performing admirably in most scenarios.

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