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A great compromise rotary head (and face if you want) shaver with 3 ultra flexible rotary heads that will follow the contour of your scalp with ease.


Philips Norelco AT830 Review – A Classy Mid-Price Shaver For Everyone

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The Philips Norelco AT830 PowerTouch is a rotary style electric razor – and is a quality mid-range shaver.

To make their product line more easily understood, Philips Norelco’s shavers are offered in one of four categories, making each of the following sub series available:


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Characteristics of The SensoTouch 2D And 3D and Philips Norelco AT830

The AT830 is a middle range. The AT830 is by far the best mid-level Philips device, directly in line under the top-shelf shavers such as the highly attractive SensoTouch 3D/1280x or 1250X. The Philips AT830 shares many features in common with the SensoTouch 2D.

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Comparison With the Previous Model

The AT810 PowerTouch is the model released just before the AT830. The AT830 has flexing heads and a smart pivot feature.

Flexing heads adjust to curve towards your unique facial contours, and the smart pivoting heads allow all three shaving heads to maintain close, tight contact with your skin while cutting and trimming. This perpetuates the push/release pressure of each of the individual heads, allowing for a much closer shave that fixed heads. This is an excellent reason to skip the AT810 and upgrade directly to the AT830.

Benefits Of the AT830

The AT830 shaver features a unique Aquatec seal that allows it to be used comfortably while showering, for wet shaving.

In order to shave efficiently through a single pass, the Powertouch AT830 supports a feature that cuts short and long hairs separately with what they call a dual-precision mechanism. This reduced the chance of irritation and enhances the performance of the device without pulling your facial hair.

The related middle range shavers like the PT730 and PT720 require a charging time of 8 hours. The AT830 requires only a single hour of charging time, providing 40 minutes of shaving. Those customers who spend a great deal of time traveling will enjoy the fact that it is so easy to travel with, pack up and charge. This product also has a clever quick-charge option that will get you enough power for a single shave in only three minutes.

You can compare this particular AT830 shaver with other middle range foil shaver such as the Braun series 3.

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