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About Us

The team at “Groom+Style” work to provide honest and accurate articles and reviews on all things relating to Luxury, Style, Grooming, Beauty, Home Life and More. What started as a small corridor conversation on Fashion has now turned into an Online Magazine with Fashion, Style and Luxury at its Heart. The Vision for Groom+Style is to provide forthright, entertaining, informative and honest content for our readers to enjoy.

Regarding product reviews, Groom+Style aims to do the heavy lifting, saving our readers time and energy in selecting the correct products to meet their needs. The experiences on this website are provided by our in-house team and, where required, professionals with the prerequisite knowledge of specific products. The reviews on all products aim to be a reference point for novice users and experienced fashionistas who want to buy new or updated gadgets.

In addition to reviews, Groom+Style will also produce supplementary “How to Guides” and Informative articles.  The goal is to give our readers ample knowledge to make informed choices to avoid the dreaded “post-purchasing dissonance” or “buyer’s remorse”.

Groom+Style is reliant upon our readers, so if there is anything that can be improved or any experiences you would like to share, please connect with us via the comment section of the relevant article or via the link below.

Now on to the boring legal stuff:
• All product reviews provided on this website are based on detailed research by the Groom+Style team and relevant experts in the specific field.
• We do not own a gadget company or are affiliated with any product company; we just provide reviews and informative articles.
• We hope to significantly contribute to your product buying experience by saving you time and energy by not having to do all the research yourself.
• We aim to please. Our mission statement is to be a go-to resource site for our readers to help them choose the correct product to meet their specific requirements.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Fitzgerald

Lisa FitzgeraldFrom 2008 to 2013, Lisa Fitzgerald created content outlining the interior of luxury RVs across American showrooms and technical information for large furniture manufacturers, including manuals, web copy, direct copy, and promotional content.

Knowing the ins and outs of tiny living furniture, remodelling and organizing your home, Lisa heads luxury furnishings and functional living.

Lyndon Seitz

Lyndon Seitz

Lyndon Seitz has lived in six different countries, spanning eleven different cities and towns, and that was all after a four-year military tour around the globe.

After seeing and experiencing more than most, he shares his experiences through culinary arts and has used more kitchen appliances than anyone we know.

After graduating with honours from Charlotte, North Carolina, he began contributing to online review websites such as Allrecipes and multiple forums across Better Home and Garden, HGTV, and eventually came to work for G+S as the lead editor in our content development team.


Pierce Lane

Pierce Lane

Pierce Lane is a camper, physical fitness coach, and lover of all things to do with fashion and grooming.

Whether getting a close shave without irritating your skin or wearing the right cardio gear to eliminate chafing and discomfort while on the run, Pierce draws from his experiences over the last twenty years and puts it all in print.

With a passion for helping people look and feel their best, he takes to G+S with fiery enthusiasm and a working knowledge of what it takes to save time getting ready in the morning and looking like a rock star all day.

Rebecca Moses

Rebecca Moses

Depending on the day, you’ll find Rebecca Moses in a well-thought-out ensemble that she handcrafted herself or in hiking and rock climbing gear.

An avid outdoorswoman, cyclist, and cat lover, Rebecca reminds us all on the Groom+Style team just how much we need to get outdoors. She’s worked in spas and salons off and on before going full-time with the G+S team.

Having graduated with an associate’s degree in English with a minor in European history, Rebecca brings a fresh perspective emphasising retro styles that can be combined with modern design to create something truly unique for Groom+Style.

Rebecca worked with multiple online retail publishers throughout new fashion lineup launches and wrote web copy for major brands from Ralph Lauren to Puma in the past.

Kelli Gardener

Kelli Gardener

Kelli Gardener is our on-call superhero. She not only constantly thinks of fantastic ideas for our G+S blog, but she helps us reach out to other bloggers and get key insights into specific topics before we put pen to paper.

With an eye for quality, Kelli finds out what’s trending, what piques people’s interests, and keeps a strict editorial guideline on G+S simultaneously (sometimes she gets on Lisa’s nerves with it, but together they make a dynamite team).

While she’s not much of a pet person, Kelli has an affinity for learning new musical instruments and keeping her closet fresh with inspiring outfits and fashionable clothing. She knows more than a thing or two about style.

Franz Rivoira

Franz Rivoira

Franz Rivoira is our watch guy. He heads our in-depth and intricate reviews about your favourite timepieces with extensive knowledge of mechanical watches, movements, power sources, and all those illustrious details.

Franz released a 2019 book titled named “The Watch Manual”, which includes tons of information about watches in bite-sized pieces. Dedicated to business and productivity, Franz keeps himself busy by planning his next big innovative idea (of which there are many) and loves writing on Medium.

Now, keep reading, stay informed and tell your friends about us!

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