Skin Care For Safe Summer Skin

Skin Care For Safe Summer Skin

Each season poses new issues for your skin. All winter you can find articles about protecting your skin from the cold from frigid temperatures and the dry skin that comes with cold weather, but once spring arrives you may need a reminder of what skin care tips are important when the sun is shining more, you’re coming out of your indoor hibernation, and the weather is getting warmer.

Making sure you have healthy skin all year isn’t really that hard to do. You just need to remember the challenges each season poses, and treat your skin accordingly. After this, if you would like to learn more about skin care, you should check out our advanced skin care tips article.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

While sunscreen is important all year, since the sun does shine in the winter, it’s even more important to be concerned about it, and using it, when the spring and summer roll around, since you spend more time in it, with more skin showing. The more skin showing and the more time in the sun, the more chances you have of risking skin cancer.

A basic thing to remember is that the higher the SPF of your sunscreen, the more protection you are going to get from it. However, you need to make sure you are applying enough, and you are reapplying when needed. Doing things like swimming or sweating at all from being out in the sun and heat, can lessen the effects of your sunscreen, so you’ll want to apply it accordingly.

Keep It Feeling Smooth

Just because your skin tends to be dryer in the winter doesn’t mean you need need to worry about dry skin in the summer too. If you spend much time swimming in a pool, that chlorinated water could be drying your skin out, and if you aren’t wearing the proper amount of sun protection, a burn could dry your skin out as well.

Make sure you moisturize as often as you need to. Moisturize after you shower off the pool water to help keep your skin smoother. If you do get a sunburn, keep it moisturized with some aloe vera, which can help it heal faster and will help cool it down. Just make sure it doesn’t have any alcohol in the ingredients or it could dry your skin out more, and it may sting.

Make Your Makeup Work For You

If you generally use a foundation in your makeup routine, you make make your makeup work for you by buying something that has an SPF rating. While you’ll still need to apply sunscreen on other bare parts of your skin, and you may even need to apply more to your face later, you at least get a nice protected start to your summer day.

Most foundations containing SPF are going to be in the lower numbers, so you also want to remember that you are getting less protection. If you are going to be outside all day you may want to layer on some higher SPF to get started anyway.