Last Updated: 25th August, 2017

Must-Have Clothing Items for Your Maternity Closet


Growing a baby is an incredibly new and exciting time. Your body is changing, you are feeling the kicks of your son or daughter, and you are filled with anticipation to meet the new little person. Gaining weight during pregnancy can make you feel uncomfortable or less attractive than before, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Weight gain during pregnancy is working to keep your little one nourished and safe, so embrace the weight but dress yourself in a way that helps boost your confidence.

One of the biggest mistakes many pregnant women make is in trying to continue wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes, even though they are stretched and uncomfortable. Too tight of clothing is never flattering, even if it is showing off your baby bump! Included here are a few of the must-have clothing items to keep you comfortable and fashionable in pregnancy.

Basic Support

It all starts with underwear! Adjusting your bra or pulling on too-tight panties can just make you uncomfortable and self-conscious throughout the day. The first step to acclimating to pregnancy is in upgrading your underwear. If you have certain favorite styles of underwear, continue buying those, but switch to a larger size. Alternatively, you can purchase maternity underwear that extends further up your baby bump.

Just as weight gain is different for every woman, so is the amount of growth their breasts will experience. Most woman can expect for their bra cup size to increase by one to two sizes over the course of their pregnancy. To improve your comfort, and offer support, purchase nursing bras that have no underwire but offer great support. Nursing bras typically have a hook allowing you to fold down the cup for ease of nursing your newborn.

Pants and Leggings

Every pregnant woman is different, but chances are you will need some sort of leg covering for warmth during your pregnancy. Investing in a good pair of maternity jeans can help you feel fashionably normal while also offering plenty of breathing room for baby. If you prefer the elasticity of leggings, maternity leggings are incredibly comfortable and can easily be worn under tunics, dresses, and loose sweaters.

Skirts and Dresses

Perhaps the easiest option for dressing during pregnancy is to throw on a dress. Many of your normal sundresses will likely fit you during your pregnancy, but you may have to upgrade in size as your baby belly matures. Dresses are a great way to keep yourself looking cute, feeling comfortable, and are simple to throw on in the morning. Pairing a cute blouse with a skirt can offer the same level of comfort and an increased sense of style.

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