4 Impacts Low Testosterone Has On Male Health

Testosterone is obviously an important component to health for men. Since it’s a natural byproduct of just existing as a man, many don’t think about the fact that they can actually be low in the testosterone department. If you’re a man and you’re feeling certain symptoms of which you’re not sure the root cause, take a look at these 3 impacts that low testosterone has on male health. If the symptoms match yours, you must have found the solution to your ails.


When talking about testosterone, you might not think that fatigue would be a side effect of not having enough of it, but it is. Fatigue is different than just being tired. If you’re tired, when you rest you’re able to recover. Fatigue doesn’t allow for that. Even after sleeping for days, if you struggle with fatigue from low testosterone you’ll still be tired.

To combat this, it’s important that you continue to get good sleep, you eat healthy and exercise, and you follow a plan to get your testosterone levels back up to where they should be.

Decreased Sex Drive

One of the most obvious side effects of low testosterone is a decreased sex drive, but nobody really needs to tell a man that. If a man is feeling less desire to get it on in the sack, there’s something deeper going on. If this isn’t enough of a push to get yourself to a doctor to get some supplements, who knows what is.

Erectile Dysfunction

Along the same lines, a man with low testosterone might feel less motivated to have sex, but if this isn’t the case, he might also experience a bit of erectile dysfunction. While testosterone doesn’t cause an erection, it does send neuro triggers to the brain. It’s not always true that a man will have trouble achieving an erection at all times, it’s also common that erections will happen at very random times…in any case, neither is something that a man would particularly want, so it’s important to get it in check.

Hair Loss

Another side effect of low testosterone levels in the body is hair loss. The hormone isn’t only good for things pertaining to sex, it also contributes to other functions in the body. While balding is natural for many men and it’s not necessarily a sign of low T levels, it’s a possibility, so if you or somebody you know is balding when they’ve never had the problem before, it could very well be due to a testosterone deficiency.  Please read our article Hair Loss In Men: A Truly Hairy Problem.

While none of these symptoms are nice to have, low testosterone levels are easy to combat. Try to balance it out by increasing exercise, resting, and eating well. If that doesn’t do the trick, get boosters that will take care of business and get you back to operating like normal.